Gold bracelets provide that royal, luxurious look in just one piece. Bracelets are often overlooked compared to necklaces, earrings and rings, but a bracelet can be that essential last piece needed to balance a look. In 2022, we’ll be seeing a boost in bracelets taking centre stage. But, they’ll still be mimicking sister styles in terms of trends.

2022 Jewellery Trends Influencing Women’s Bracelet Design

We’ve already written extensively about jewellery trends we’ll see in 2022. Check out our articles on Winter Trends 2022, colourful Cubic Zirconia Trends and Birthstone Rings: A Trend for overviews. For more specific trends on jewellery types, we’ve showcased Gold Chains for Women 2022 and Personalised Jewellery for 2022. The fashions highlighted include these:

  • Pearl detailing. We bring that romantic, vintage appeal to modern classics like Cuban Link Chains.
  • Colourful Cubic Zirconia. Contrast jewellery, birthstone rings and bright, big gems will be everywhere this year. It’s all about the rainbow.
  • New chain designs. Paperclip, paper chain, twisted links and layering chains are the latest updated chain link options.
  • Love symbols and charms. Small charms dangling from jewellery will showcase your personality.


Gold Bracelet Lookbook 2022: Paperclip chains

Gold Bracelets for Women in 2022

So, how will we see these jewellery trends displayed in gold bracelets for women?

Paperclip, Paper Chain Links & Pearl Detailing Bracelets

As with our Gold Chain Necklace Lookbook, bracelets will also showcase paperchain and paperclip designed chains. Featuring the oval shape of a paper clip, or linked like a children’s paper chain, this link chain offers a delicate alternative to chunky chains.

The Kira Link Bracelet has a beautiful hammered design, adding texture to the simple bracelet. The perfect everyday bracelet to wear to work or uni. Our Joelle Paperclip Bracelet features white cubic zirconia on several links and a collection of colourful CZ in the centre for a little more sparkle.

To combine both the paperclip/chain trend with pearl detailing, the Nyla Pearl Bracelet offers a beautiful bracelet that’s all about effortless style. It’s eye-catching without going overboard. Proving an outstanding balance of vintage detailing with contemporary style, we love this bracelet.


Gold Bracelet Lookbook 2022: Textured gold bracelets

Twisted 3D Chains

Paperclips are not the only chain style trend; we’ll be seeing some unique updates specifically for bracelets. In our store, twisted chains have been a significant choice for bracelets and necklaces for years. Our rope chain, herringbone and snake chains are firm favourites. But, we like to challenge ourselves, and you’ll see more complex structured designs in 2022.

Our Double Herringbone Bracelet and Triple Herringbone Bracelet are the most stunning examples of a chain with a 3D structure and texture. It’s detailing like this that adds a level of sophistication to your outfit and elevates the look. The quality and detail of a luxury brand, without the price tag.

Gold Bracelet Lookbook 2022: Women's Gold Bangles


Women’s Bangle Gold

Women’s gold bangles are another classic style, but their popularity will continue to grow this year. While a plain gold bangle is a traditional look, the styles of 2022 will include more gemstones and cut-out styles. In addition, layering continues to be a big trend for all types of jewellery, including necklaces, rings and bracelets. Bangles are the perfect bracelet style to wear multiple of, and you can’t have too much gold!

We have a small but concise gold bangle collection. These bangles are some of our biggest sellers, and our customers love them. While you’ll find simple designs, you’ll never find anything plain in our bracelet bangle range. Check out each of these stunning designed gold bangles.

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Please read our blog for more information on trends and caring for your jewellery. Here are a few articles to read next: different bracelets for women, How to choose bracelets and bangles, and Can bracelets be worn as anklets?