Anklets are extremely popular at the moment but we are often asked whether bracelets can be worn as anklets. In this article, we talk you through the differences between bracelets and anklets. Plus, whether you can wear them interchangeably. As with most jewellery trends, it's often down to preference and personal style.

The difference between Bracelets and Anklets

We have talked about the difference between bracelets and anklets previously on the blog. But essentially, the main difference between bracelets and anklets is the sizing. The most obvious difference is simple when the person wears the piece of jewellery. Bracelets are worn on the wrist while anklets are worn on the ankle. Anklets are generally larger in length because ankles are usually thicker than wrists. Bracelets feature a small chain length as most are designed to sit around the thinner wrist and could come off if the bracelet is too long. Check out our article on the difference between bracelets, bangles and anklets for more on the differences.


Bracelet worn as an anklet


Can Bracelets Be Worn As Anklets?

A bracelet can easily be worn as an anklet if the length of the chain can sit comfortably on the ankle. The ideal bracelet to wear on an ankle is a long one with a fastening or clasp. The size of the bracelet will need to reach comfortably around the circumference of the ankle. A fastening will ensure you can easily put the bracelet in place. A bangle is unlikely to be worn because you will likely not be able to slip it over your foot or around the heel. If you like the style of bangles, opt for a cuff or adjustable bracelet. These can be bent and shaped around the anklet for a snug fit with the same look and style of a bangle. Learn more about different types of bracelets.

Can Anklets Be Worn As Bracelets?

Anklets can be worn as a bracelet on the wrist but you will need to judge whether it will remain in place all day and be comfortable. You will want to look for an anklet that has a small circumference that sits snuggly against your ankle. If it does this then it will be much more secure on a wrist than a larger anklet will. As the vast majority of anklets have a fastening, they can be easily put on and taken off like a classic bracelet.

Are Anklets on Trend?

Yes! Anklets are incredibly trendy at the moment. Even in cooler months, you can see everyone from celebrities to models sporting anklets. The most popular anklet trends at the moment feature classic chains or personalised styles. Anklet chains are created with all the favourite chain necklace styles, including Cuban, Figaro, Rope, Herringbone, Snake and double link Curb chains. Custom Anklets come in the same huge range of chain styles but feature a name, an initial or chosen word suspended in the centre. This subtle piece of personalisation makes custom anklets a unique piece of jewellery for the wearer.

Personalised Anklet in Silver

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