Stacking bracelets and bangles has got to be one of our favourite jewellery trends. Whether you go bold with layers of bracelets or a simple stack of two or three, wearing multiple bracelets adds interest and texture to many an outfit. Today, we will go through how to wear and style multiple bracelets to get the best look for your style.


How To Choose Multiple Bracelets to Wear

To begin, remember that these are style suggestions and common ways of wearing multiple bangles. It's up to you to mix and match your bracelets into the structure and design you want.


Start Simple

If you aren't sure where to start, it's best to begin with just a couple of bracelets on one arm. Choose a collection of complementary bangles to get that instant layered look without too much fuss. If a jewellery company has created a custom bundle of bracelets, then they've already done the hard work of designing and styling the package. You just need to slip them on with the right matching outfit. Our Roman Bracelet Bundle is a good example of a pre-made collection ready to wear. Stacking bracelets doesn't have to be over-complicated, it's about adding an extra element to your outfit to bring it all together.


Choosing Your Metal

If you haven't bought a created selection, choose bracelets from your own collection that share the same metals or colour. Matching based on silver, gold, rose gold, or any other colour is essential to create an instant put together stacked look. When putting together bracelets of the same colour, make sure to not add too many other colours in either. Think about any gems or pendants that add to the colour palette and stick to just one accent colour, unless you're going for a rainbow look of course.


Complementary or Bohemian Bracelets

Creating a cohesive look is not just about metal. The style of the bangle is just as important when it comes to crafting your perfect outfit. That said, it's not about being perfectly matchy-matchy if that isn't your vibe. Combine bracelets that have a similar style and suit the clothing you are going to wear. Solid bands, delicate chains and smaller gems will keep the focus on your wardrobe choices. A mismatch of shapes, colours and charms will create a more maximalist, boho feel, perfect for more arty outfits or casual styles. This part is all about experimenting, so put your imagination to work.

Woman's arm wearing a white jump with multiple bracelets and multiple rings being worn


One arm or two?

Another consideration is also whether you want to wear stacks on both arms or just one. If you are going for lots and lots of bracelets, you may want to keep the focus on one arm. If you want a subtle look, fewer bangles but on both arms can balance the outfit. And for the most paired back look, a handful of bracelets on one arm is the easiest to style.


Outfit matching

Of course, wearing multiple bangles is about your whole look, not just the jewellery. Just like choosing whether you want more complementary or bohemian style looks, you have to consider the outfit vibe to match your stack. If it doesn't look right after putting it all together, remember it's okay to take off a few pieces. Do what works for you.


Bracelets or Bangles?

One more thing to choose between is bracelet style. Do you want rigid bangles, flexible bracelets or a mixture of the two? When choosing between them, it's best to try them on to test out their positioning. Stacking bangles is the easiest combination because they will sit on top of each other in the order you placed them. They will stay in place throughout the day. Mixing in flexible bracelets can be a little trickier as they tend to slide about. In this case, choose a variety of styles that can sit fairly flush to your skin. If you are mixing both bangles and bracelets together, layer in a way that keeps the looser ones in place or keeps them towards the wrist. Don't know the difference between bracelets and bangles? Read this article.


Buying Bracelets for Women

If you love the idea of stacking bracelets, then shop our full collection of bracelets here . Or if you're wanting a little bit of help deciding, read our guide on Our Favourite Bracelets for Women here. If you need any help choosing or ordering your bracelets, please get in touch. One of our friendly team is always happy to help.

Bracelets not your thing? How about wearing multiple rings.