Happy New Year! We hope 2022 is an amazing year for all our customers. If your new year resolution is all about looking your best or learning about your style, here are some great personalised necklace options for your new look. Jewellery is a great way to update your appearance without blowing your budget. A carefully chosen necklace can elevate an outfit, giving you that polished look. And with a personalised necklace, your look will be unique to you.

Choose Your Personalised Necklace Style

A personalised necklace is still in vogue and this trend will definitely continue in 2022. Personalised jewellery is a great statement piece that you can love for years to come. A custom necklace is long-lasting, luxurious looking, fit for all occasions and unique to the wearer. That’s why personalised jewellery makes a great gift too. Below are some of the personalised necklace styles that will be popular in the new year.


Personalised necklace 2022: Dangle Name Letter Necklace

Dangle Name Letter Necklace

The dangle name letter necklace has been around for a few years but it continues to be popular. The suspended lettering allows for more movement than your usual name necklace.

Its hanging lettering can be individually strung between chains like a traditional name necklace. Or they can be attached to the chain with an individual link. This choice has the most motion when the wearer walks or dances.

Our classic Old English Suspended Necklace is a good example of this latter option. Whereas our Classic Suspended Custom Name Necklace has the more contemporary feel of the former. If you're looking for this style but with a bit more bling, we’ve got the one for you. The ICY Suspended Necklace features shimmering Cubic Zirconia for that real wow factor.


Personalised Necklace 2022: Foreign Language Name Necklace - My Arabic name necklace


Foreign Language Name Necklace

We love our world language non-English name necklaces. They’ve been a staple of our jewellery collection since we started. These unique personalised necklaces provide a larger range of alternatives for our customers who are looking for some exceptional jewellery.

Our most popular foreign language necklace is by far the Arabic Custom Name Necklace. Though our Chinese Character Necklace and Japanese Character Necklace are close seconds. But we’ve recently broadened our offering. Our Korean Custom Name Necklace offers another option from the far east. While our Hindi Custom Name Necklace delivers a style we rarely see in the UK.


Personalised Necklace 2022: Angel Number Necklace

Angel Number Necklace

Our Angel Number jewellery range includes both a necklace and anklet option. It’s a simple style but one we love right now. Simply put, angel numbers are recurring sequences of numbers that seem to show up everywhere you look! If you keep seeing the same number in your everyday life over and over again, this is supposed to tell you something the universe or the angels want you to know. Whether you believe in this idea or not, there is no denying the simple beauty of this style.

You can buy our Angel Name Necklace in either gold or silver-plated stainless steel. With full number range available, from 111 to 999.

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If you want to browse our extensive personalised necklace range, head over to our personalised jewellery section. There you’ll find all the above trends as well as classic options and unique takes. We also share our thoughts and predictions on the latest trends on our blog. Plus, the best personalised necklaces and our favourite jewellery from our collection.

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