Buying a brand new bracelet? Here’s how to choose bracelets and bangles so you aren’t disappointed when it finally arrives just in time for your big night out. We love bracelets for their ability to add that little bit of shine to an outfit. Or a lot if it’s a particularly sparkly bracelet!

Choosing a bracelet or bangle

Here are the options you can look at to decide on the best bracelet for you. If you’re looking for more guidance on choosing jewellery, check out our comprehensive jewellery buying guide.

Style of bracelet

Of course, the style of the bracelet is one of the first things you may look for. This can be from the type of bracelet. But, it may also be from the design aspects of the bracelet as well as how you want to wear it.

Type of Bracelet

There are many different types of bracelets each with its own unique look and benefits. While there are countless variations around the world there are some bracelet styles that are incredibly dominant. Tennis bracelets, bangles, cuff bracelets and classic chain bracelets are by far the most popular kinds of bracelets. You may also opt for a personalised bracelet if you want something unique. They also make excellent gifts.

Design of Bracelet

The type of bracelet you select can also be determined by how you are going to wear it. Will you wear the bracelet to work, the gym, for a fancy occasion? Or will it be for general everyday wear? Depending on the outfit you select or your overall personal style you may opt for different styles. Here are some traditional choices of bracelets for different looks.

  • The tennis bracelet with Cubic Zirconia. The perfect sparkly piece for a night out.
  • A collection of bangles like our Roman collection. Ideal for everyday wear and work.
  • Watch bracelets - The most robust style for a workout. It’s less likely to get caught on equipment and it has flexible but strong links for lots of movement.

If you want to wear multiple bracelets together, you might want to consider the overall style of your collection. We love to mix and match pieces to create an eclectic look. Yet, we also love a sophisticated selection of plain and textured silver or gold bangles.

paperclip chain and pearl gold womens bracelet


The sizing of a bracelet is just as important, especially if you have smaller or larger wrists than average. Bangles and bracelets are distinct in structure and sizing, so it’s important to know the difference before purchasing. Here’s our handy sizing guide for bracelets to make sure you pick the right one.

But, if you do buy a bracelet or bangle that is a little tight or loose, have no fear. Some bracelets can be resized, which can be a relief if your bracelet has personal significance. Or you just really, really love the design. If you opt for a bangle that comes out a little too small, we have a guide on how to wear these too.


Get the right size bracelet


Material and Colour

The material or colour is probably one of the first adjectives you might use to describe your ideal piece. Gold bracelets and silver bracelets are both the most popular metal colours in a bracelet design. But you will also easily find other metals like rose gold and copper. Not to mention, there are many designers who create women's bracelets and bangles in plastic and glass in every colour imaginable.

The material you choose will likely be down to your design preferences. But, you should also consider the material wisely. Metal bracelets are durable and will last you a longer time than plastic. Plus, they are unlikely to tarnish when made from quality materials. While glass is a beautiful option, there is less versatility in design. Glass bangles are common but you will not find many other styles in this material.


silver cuban chain bracelet

Retailer and cost

Where you buy your bracelet is an important factor when choosing bracelets. Firstly, you are of course going to look to see if a particular retailer has the style you want. It doesn’t matter how amazing the company is, if they don’t have the right item for you then you’ll be looking elsewhere. Of course, it’s always nice to see jewellery in the flesh, but the majority of us will be shopping online. When you do find the right jewellery piece, there are a few things to check before clicking add to cart.

  • Does the retailer have good shipping and returns policies? We’ve all been there, where we didn’t realise how long it would take to get our jewellery, so double check you’re happy with these details before buying.
  • Is the payment provider a trusted company you recognise? And is the website secure? If the website doesn’t have a little padlock in top of the browser where the URL is, or you get a warning before accessing the site, it’s insecure. Not only is this breaking retail law, it puts you at risk of having your personal information stolen.
  • Is it the right cost? Bracelets, like all jewellery, have a big range of price points, so you’ll want to make sure it’s a bracelet you can afford.
  • Are the materials and construction of the jewellery of a quality standard? Look for clear information on what materials are used. Avoid nickel and cobalt as they can cause an allergic reaction and skin conditions.
  • Does the company have good reviews? This is one of the best ways to find out how good a retailer is. Real reviews from real people will always be a clear example of whether a retailer provides quality products and good customer service.


sizing bracelets and bangles


Choose PRYA for Women’s Bangles & Bracelets

We hope you’ve found this information useful for choosing bracelets and bangles. If you are on the lookout for women’s bracelets today, check out our bracelet and bangle collection.

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