Feeling blue about the cold? Looking for a little warmth in the grey skies? While we can't brighten the weather, we can brighten your outfit. This article is all about the winter jewellery trends you'll see this 2021/2022 season.

Winter Jewellery Trends 2021/2022

Winter jewellery trends start appearing long before winter in preparation for the holiday season. Not only is this to allow for holiday gifts but also so you can dress up for the Christmas and new year festivities. Here are the most popular styles out now in December.


gold band and gold signet rings - winter jewellery trends 2021/2022


Shine & Sparkle

While trends are the main topic of this article, a 'trend' that's never gonna leave the holiday season is sparkle and shine. While we love silver, gold is often the mainstay of Christmas decorations. The same is true of gold jewellery. Not to mention sparkling gems and glittery decorations. We love bringing these Christmassy elements into our outfits over the holiday period. These are some of the jewellery designs we'll be sporting in December.

  • Classic Cubic Zirconia rings and tennis bracelets. Simple, stylish and full of sparkle, these jewellery pieces will make any outfit look fit for the season. Our latest additions to our extensive Cubic Zirconia range in gold include the Zaria CZ Ring and ICY Tennis CZ Bracelet.
  • Full encrusted anklets, necklaces and chain chokers are another selection of jewellery that will add a lot of glam to any outfit. See our ICY Initial collection and ICY Butterfly Collection for the ultimate shine. 
  • Add Sparkle and colour with our Gabby Heart Earrings. These sublimely romantic huggies are the latest party accessory. Choose from six different coloured hearts, all set in gold small hoop earrings with clear CZ gems.


Winter jewellery trends 2021/2022 - Pearl drop small hoop earrings with charm


Pearl Details

Beautiful pearls will always be a fashion favourite but they are definitely a favourite this winter. These white, cream or pinky stones add elegance to an outfit on their own. When paired with contemporary metals and styles, they create a modern mix of materials that sets the wearer apart. These are some examples of pearl style being utilised in a modern jewellery design.


layered necklaces are a winter jewellery trend 2021 2022


Layered Necklaces

Layering necklaces has been a growing trend throughout 2021 but this winter we'll see more pre-created layered necklaces. We of course love to see when our customers mix and match our necklaces to create their own layered designs. But, if you're not sure where to start, yet love the style, then see this selection.

  • For a bold statement choose chunky chains, large pendants or bold gems. Our Maya Necklace and Marie Layered Necklaces both feature strong designs.
  • If minimalism is more your style, choose daintier chains and small details. Our Celine Moon Necklace has a modern crescent moon suspended on the lower chain while a simple upper chain keeps things elegant. Our Grace Pearl Layered necklace combines trending pearls with a contemporary shape.
  • For a very paired back but sophisticated look, check out the Dana Double Layered Necklace. A combo of large loop paper chains and dainty link chains provides texture and interest without overdoing it.
Winter Jewellery Trends 2021/2022 - Colourful cubic zirconia pendant necklace


Coloured Gems & Birthstone Jewellery

Definitely the favourite trend of winter will be the colourful additions to jewellery design. As we said in the intro, most of us are looking for a little extra sparkle to keep us going through the winter months, especially in the UK. Vivid Cubic Zirconia rings, earrings and necklaces will add that colour back into your outfit.

  • Birthstone jewellery is a hot trend in 2021 and will be in 2022. They make the perfect personalised jewellery gift as a unique token of your birth month. We offer gold birthstone rings and silver birthstone rings in traditional gemstone colours.
  • Colourful rings. You don't have to select a birthstone ring for a colourful accessory for your hands. We offer a wide range of different, colourful rings. Our favs include the Lana Stone Ring for its huge signet ring style gem, plus our Jayla Band Ring for a more low key look.
  • Candy coloured hoop earrings. Our Candi Hoop Earrings have a unique texture and colour palette for Winter. A unique twist and your chosen hue will give that pop of colour you need. We also have in stock the stunning Lollie Earrings which also have a dazzling array of artistic shades.

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To see the latest in winter jewellery trends and designs view our New In section. Here you'll find our newest additions to the store for all jewellery. Our range includes earrings, bracelets, necklaces, chains, anklets and rings. Not to mention our famous personalised name necklaces and custom jewellery designs.