Who said you couldn’t wear chains?! Gold Chains can be worn by anyone regardless of gender and we love the confident look of a woman wearing gold chains she feels powerful in. In 2022, we are hoping to add even more gorgeous chains and chain necklaces to our Women’s chain collection. If you are devoted to this style, you’re in for a treat. Here are the best gold chains for women in winter and spring 2022! Let us know on Instagram which is your favourite!

Best Gold Chains for Women in 2022

There are many different types of chains for women, and the classic will always be a favourite. Currently, we are seeing a move towards some new chain styles as well as combinations of the classics.

Paperclip Chain Necklace

Our new favourite has got to be the Paperclip chain necklace style. This unique take on a classic link chain mimics the large open loops and oval shape of a paperclip. Each link can be as large or as small as the designer creates. The main feature is each link is of equal size to others, oval-shaped and has an open loop inside the link. Each link is simply connected to the next one, creating an alternating positioning around the necklace chain. Very much like paper chains children make for Christmas parties.

Our Kira Link Chain is the perfect example of this style. With a slightly hammered edge, the links have a raised texture, taking this from simple to chic. For a slightly thinner style with a pop of colour, the Joella Paperclip chain is a superb alternative.

A direction within the paperclip trend is to combine other chains or jewellery features with the paper clip chain. Two of our paper clip chains feature this style by combining pearls with the links. The Camila Pearl Paperclip Chain and Naomi Pearl Paperlink Necklace bring together the modern chain style with a sophisticated polished look using the pearls. The perfect balance of old and new. Plus, pearls are on trend too.

Paperclip gold chain for women

Layered Chains

Layered necklaces and chains have been a big jewellery trend hitter this Winter. While most feature classic chain styles merged together, most are focused on layering dainty and delicate chains to create a sophisticated look. Whether that’s a classic link chain, the new paperclip style or Figaro chains, this look is all about building the look that suits your style.

The Celine Layered Necklace features two simple link chains with a pendant moon. A good example of plain fashion done well. The Grace Pearl Layered Necklace offers a more unusual but still delicate style, featuring a wrap-around chain with pearl detail. Of course, you don’t have to buy necklaces that are already layered. Creating your own style using a variety of womens chains or necklaces is just as stunning, and will deliver unique effects.

While the trend has definitely looked towards more dainty creations, big and bold is still on the cards. The Yara Chain Necklace has a unique take on chain layering, mixing different widths and thicknesses of a classic Cuban Chain. If this is more your style, then the next trend you’re gonna love!


layered pendant gold chain for women

Chunky Gold Chains

Didn’t we say you’d love it? Chunky gold chains for women will always have a special place in our hearts. And in 2022, they are set to be even bigger and bolder. We are talking about extremely stout links, dense connections and keeping the gold centre stage.

The Naya Chunky Chain is the best example of this trend. It’s simple in its construction but is all about the impact of this heavy-looking, but secretly lightweight piece. If you like a little bit more detail, a pendant works well with this style. Especially in solid gold too. Our Hayley Heart Chain is the ideal blend of fierce chain and loveable style. For an approach that is sleekier, try the Luna Bar Necklace, with its ample chain and smooth plate suspended bar.

If you love every single one of these styles, well you’re in luck! The Dana Double Layered Necklace is the ideal medley of styles. Featuring a delicate, traditional link chain weaved through a chunky style paperclip chain, the Dana created a layered necklace chain in a winning combination.


Gold chunky cuban contrast chain for women


Classic Chains Are Here To Stay

Of course, classic chains will never go out of style. Our favourite gold chains for women and our favourite silver chains will always be featured on PRYA’s top list of necklaces and chains for women. If you would like any advice on selecting or ordering our chains or necklaces, get in touch or visit our help centre.