Silver is associated with industrial, sleek, high-tech and modern, as well as ornate, glamourous, graceful, sophisticated and elegant. These meanings are transferred to the silver jewellery you wear including silver bracelets, our topic for today. Depending on your style, you can select silver bracelets that are minimalist or appeal more to vintage maximalism. In today’s article, we are going to showcase the silver bracelet styles of 2022.

2022 Bracelets Silver Trends

The silver bracelet trends of 2022 have several similarities to their gold bracelet sisters. If you’re more of a gold queen, check out our Gold Bracelet Lookbook 2022.

Chain silver bracelets

One of our favourite styles for 2022 is the simple chain bracelet with a 3D texture. Our gold lookbook featured them as well but the silver bracelet brings a different kind of look with its cool tones.

The Rope Chain Bracelet in silver is the perfect example of this style. Its chunky rope twist adds detail and texture to a simple chain style bracelet. The twisted links provide depth with the shadows created by the shape. Plus, it comes in a variety of lengths and chain thicknesses to suit your needs. For a more streamlined look we love this Flat Rope Chain Bracelet too. This year you’ll also see all the classic chain necklace styles become bracelet looks. This includes the Herringbone chain, with its diagonal slotted structure. Not to mention, Curb Link chains and Cuban link chains.

Here are some of the top chain bracelets in silver available on PRYA.


Silver Bracelet Lookbook 2022: Herringbone Bracelet Silver

Women’s Bangle Silver

Women’s bangles in Silver are another staple that is set for a comeback in 2022. While gold may be the traditional look of women’s bangles, silver offers a regal style without the over the top gold glam. Bangles are the perfect bracelet style to wear multiple of so they are a great piece to build a collection.

All the women’s bangles in our range come in both gold and silver. The selection reflects our love of this type of bracelet but you won’t find any plain bangles here. All of the silver bracelet bangles feature some gorgeous details, whether that’s cubic zirconia gems, engraved textures or cutouts adding depth and interest. Here is our small but super range:


Silver Bracelet Lookbook 2022: Evie Silver bangle


Clear Cubic Zirconia Bracelets

While colour cubic zirconia is a hot trend in jewellery now, silver bracelets are the ones to eschew the trend. The classic silver tones make them a perfect base for the sparkling appeal of crystal clear gems. The gemstone silver bracelets of 2022 will be adorned with a variety of beautiful clear stones set into classic structures. Above all, they are a celebration of simplicity. Whether chain bracelet or bangle style, there is a crystal clear appeal to these stunning pieces.

Here are some of our favourites which we think make the perfect statement for a new year of hope.

  • ICY Tennis Bracelet - This traditional style covered completely in clear CZ is the perfect piece to add sparkle to any outing. It’s small in size, ideal for everyday wear, but packs a punch with an extensive set of gems.
  • Alina CZ Bracelet - A more unusual style bracelet shape with clear CZ set into the loop. This is a unique silver bracelet look we haven’t seen anywhere else.
  • Thin Jada Baguette silver bracelet and Thick Jada Baguette Silver bracelet bring together a bangle structure as a cuff bracelet with a dazzling array of gems. These bracelets offer just as much glam as a gold bracelet, perfect for the silver loving glamour girl. In addition, they are ideal for everyday wear as well as formal styles. Truly stunning.
  • Callie Cuban Contrast - While the gold version of this bracelet features an emerald CZ, the silver keeps it monochromatic with an onyx black CZ gem in the centre.


Silver Bracelet Lookbook 2022 : Cubic Zirconia silver bracelet

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In conclusion, the silver bracelet trends of 2022 are about old school style with a modern structure. Our gold and silver bracelet range expands all the time, so check out the collection to see updates or head to the NEW In section to see our latest designs. You can also follow us on social media to see our latest designs. Check out our Instagram or Facebook for new looks and styles.

Please read our blog for more information on trends and caring for your jewellery. Here are a few articles to read next: different bracelets for women, How to choose bracelets and bangles, and Can bracelets be worn as anklets?