The Cuban link chain is one of our favourite necklace and jewellery trends. But, what is a Cuban link chain, and why do we love it so much? In this article, we’ll explain what a Cuban link chain is. Plus, why it’s such a popular style. We’ll also be showcasing how the Cuban link can be featured in jewellery types and how to use it in the latest trends for 2022.

What is a Cuban Link Chain? A simple description

The Cuban link chain is a standard cable link chain but features oval links that intersect in a rope pattern. The links twist into a cable-like design, which gives it a bit of a traditional look. It’s long been associated with Latin American culture, despite there being no evidence it was made in Cuba originally and is also referred to as a Miami link chain. However, this chain is perfect for all wearers and outfit styles, creating a classic style with a modern edge.

Why Cuban Link Chains are an excellent chain to wear?

Though Cuban chains are seen as somewhat traditional, this chain has some serious fashion kudos and it’s great for so many occasions. Here’s why we love Cuban link chains.

  • Its construction makes it very strong and durable. Plus, with ours, they are guaranteed tarnish-free and water-resistant.
  • It is a staple piece and is always on trend as a classic.
  • It can be worn as a centrepiece or layered easily with other gold chains.
  • Comes in a variety of thicknesses, lengths and jewellery designs.
  • They look awesome! Need we say more.


personalised initial cuban link chain necklace

Different types of Cuban Link Chain Jewellery

The Cuban link chain is often associated with a simple necklace chain. Often rather chunky, gold and resting fairly high up on the chest, the Cuban chain is easily recognisable. But, in recent years we’ve seen this classic style expand in the necklace chain styles, but also in its use in other jewellery.

Cuban Link Chain Gold

The classic Cuban Link chain is gold. Our Gold classic Cuban link chain is one of our biggest sellers. This versatile piece can be worn with so many different outfit styles. Plus, it’s great for layering with other chains, coming in three thicknesses and lengths! If you’re looking for a Cuban link chain, this is the place to start. But for the well versed, they may be looking to add this link style elsewhere.

Gold bracelets for women are the natural next step to add Cuban links to your style. There are classic chunky options, with a simple chain bracelet like the Cuban Chain Bracelet or Chunky Cuban Bracelet. For those who prefer anklets, there are extensive options for classic gold chains. Plus, decorative anklets like the ICY Lighting Bolt Anklet.

Now, these styles are very classic for gold Cuban chains, so let’s look at some interesting uses of the link. Using a Cuban chain, the Yara Chain Necklace is a great example of the layering trend, without the weight of several necklaces. The Diana Onyx Tablet Chain Drop Earrings, are a fun example of using a Cuban link in a unique way. One more unusual use is the Chiara Chain ring that uses a Cuban link for its band design. Why dainty links can be used to highlight other elements, the classic look is definitely chunky, gold Cuban link chains.


Gold Cuban Link Chain


Cuban Link Chain Silver

Silver is less associated with Cuban chains but we think it provides more versatility to have some silver additions to your traditional gold styles. All of our styles come in silver, including our Cuban Link Chain Silver necklace. But, we also think the silver versions of some Cuban styles look amazing next to their gold sisters.

The Alina Cubic Zirconia Cuban Bracelet displays the classic chain but has CZ gems set within the loop. It’s a unique take on the classic chain, adding sparkle to your wrist. There is also a matching choker chain necklace as well. The Cuban Ring Silver has the bulk and boldness of the traditional look but is embossed on a ring. This little nod to Cuban chains providers a bit of bling without going overboard. Perfect for a more subdued outfit.

Of course, you can get all our personalised name necklaces in silver and with a Cuban chain. We’ve recently added the ability to select your own chain style, for all our custom name necklaces, anklets and bracelets. The perfect way to get your exact style coupled with the Cuban link chain.

Silver Cuban link chain bracelet


Cuban Link Chain Jewellery Trends 2022

We love combining classics with new trends. That’s how we make even more amazing jewellery designs. If you’ve read our Winter Jewellery Trends 2021/2022 and Colourful Cubic Zirconia: A Trend, you’ll find the hottest trends include; colourful CZ, pearls and layering. Here are the best options to pair these trends with the Cuban link chain.

  • Grace Pearl Layered Necklace. A perfect mix of dainty, layered Cuban link chains with pearl detailing.
  • Callie Contrast Collection. This chunky choice of Cuban chains paired with a colourful emerald green CZ, is a contemporary design with a timeless edge. Choose from a bracelet, necklace or ring, or why not all three!
  • The Leonie Necklace. Add more sparkle with the Leonie, which features a colourful pendant suspended from a medium thickness Cuban chain. Colour choices include emerald, ruby and rose.


Shop Cuban Link Chain

Check out all our featured Cuban Link Chains here, or head on over to the personalised section and chain collection to explore more options. We love the Cuban style but we know it’s not for everyone. Check out the different types of women’s chain necklaces to find the right one for you. We’ve also got lots of information on chain styles and trends on our blog.

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