There is a huge variety of chains for women and we love that these gorgeous chain necklaces are now a staple for every women's jewellery collection. This article is a guide on the different types of chains for women. We've chosen the most popular chain types but there are endless combinations and styles out there for you to try.


Different Types of Chains for Women

There are many beautiful chain designs out there to try and each has its own unique style and quality. We have our favourite silver chains and gold chains but we think it's all about what you want from your chain look.


Curb Chain

One of the most popular and recognised of all the chain styles is the curb chain. It's a versatile everyday chain that is suited for most outfits and styles. The Curb chain is a timeless classic and a staple for every jewellery wearer. The design is created with an interlocked link twisted slightly and often hammered to create a stunning flat linked chain. Curb chains are manufactured in a large variety of link shapes, widths and finishes but the link style remains the same.


Cuban Chain

Cuban Chains or Miami Cuban chains are also Curb chains. But are usually rounder, bolder, and much thicker on both sides. This makes Cuban chains much heavier than normal curb chains which tend to be lighter in size, style and weight. These stylistic chains are said to originate in Miami, which has a large Cuban population. They continue to remain a prominent stylistic choice among Miami's residents but they were first worn in the1970s hip-hop scene.


 curb link chain for woman


Figaro Chain

The Figaro chain is a jewellery chain design consisting of two to four small circular links followed by one elongated oval link. A popular pattern is three round links and one long link. But any number can be used, it's just important that there is are several circles followed by the oval hoop. Most Figaro chains are curb chains which mean each link lies flat against the wearer's skin. The Figaro chain originates from Italy and is supposedly named after the popular Italian opera The Marriage of Figaro. Figaro chains are traditionally popular amongst men but are now the perfect addition to any woman wardrobe.


Box Chain

Box chains, also known as a Cube, Briolette, Square Link or Venetian chains, are made from thin rectangular-shaped links formed into squares. Each square link is closely interlocked one after the other to create a chain with a boxed appearance. There are countless variations of the box chain that are designed around the world. These include flat-surfaced box links or rounded edges. They are a modern, geometric design that will add interest to any outfit.


Snake Chain

The Snake chain is a popular chain style worn by both women and men. The very thin, tubular links comprise of small, rounded wavy sheets interlocked tightly to form a continuous tube. The zig-zag pattern and flexible movement is the reason why these chains are named after snakes. They are sleek and sexy, mimicking the movements of the serpents.


 necklace Chains for women

Herringbone Chain

A herringbone chain has flat and rectangular metal links that interlink to create the classic herringbone pattern in a chain format. The links are displayed at an inclined angle and woven to make a plaited and flattened chain. The links are woven tight giving the chain a sleek and sophisticated vibe. Perfect for elevating any outfit.


Rope Chain

Rope chains come in many different styles but what makes them all rope chains is the classic twisted strand appearance. The Rope chains can be bold and chunky, or thin and delicate. They can be worn on their own as a statement piece or they make an interesting chain link style for pendant necklaces. These are one of our favourite styles, adding glamour and interest with their textured aesthetic.


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