As part of our FAQ series, today we’re highlighting questions and answers about hoop earrings. We’ve already covered some huggie earring FAQs, so head there if you have queries about this type of earring. Let us know on social media if you have any other questions for us about hoop earrings.

Questions about Hoop Earrings

Here are the most frequently asked questions about hoop earrings.

How to put on hoop earrings?

How to put in hoop earrings is one of the most common questions we see. We’ve written a full guide about how to put hoop earrings in. But in brief, the main step is to understand and recognise the type of earrings you have. Wire loop, hinge loop, huggie or infinity loop, each has a slightly different technique which we explain in our article. Ensure that your earrings are fully sanitised before putting them in. In addition, you should store earrings correctly to maintain cleanliness and shine.

Should you sleep with hoop earrings in?

Ideally, you would not sleep in earrings at all. Most hoop earrings are unsuitable for sleeping in because of their size. Hoop earrings can press into your head causing discomfort. Plus, they may get snagged on your hair, clothing or bedding. As a result, you may damage your items, or worse, rip or tear an earring out of your ear. Yikes! If you do opt to sleep in hoop earrings, huggie hoop earrings are probably the safest. Huggies sit flush against the skin, and their small size means they are less likely to catch.

What’s the difference between hoop earrings and huggies?

All huggies are hoop earrings, but not all hoop earrings are huggies. The difference is specifically the size of the hoop. Huggies have a size of 25mm or less. They are hoop earrings but they are the smallest kind. Other hoop earrings, on the other hand, can be as large as 150mm. Any loop size can be used, but usually, it is extended no lower than the shoulder of the wearer. A shoulder-length hoop would be very, very large though! Read more on this topic in our article; The difference between huggies and small hoop earrings.


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Can hoop earrings be classy?

Absolutely! Hoop earrings, whether large or small, gold or silver, plain or with charms, can be classy. There’s a myth that hoop earrings are trashy and we want to dispel this. We’ve written previously about “[can hoop earrings be classy?”]( It’s all about finding your style and jewellery that matches your outfits. No one should deny you wearing hoop earrings because they don’t like them. PRYA is pro wear what you want!

Can you wear hoop earrings to work?

As with the above questions, hoop earrings can absolutely be worn to work. Of course, if you have a very active job or a high risk of injury, you may not want to wear jewellery to work at all. But, if you work in an office, retailer or anywhere that you can safely wear jewellery, then hoop earrings are a great addition to your work wardrobe. Read more about the best earrings to wear to work here. Hoop earrings also make a great addition to any university outfit that needs a pop of gold or silver.


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Are hoop earrings in style in 2022?

Yes, of course. Hoop earrings are a staple of the jewellery world and we anticipate they will be a consistent style throughout the 2020s. Check out our Hoop Earrings Trends for 2022 article for the latest styles. Those featured this year will rely heavily on textured, oversized hoops and half-hoop varieties. Plus, pearl and colourful cubic zirconia will feature prominently in designs too. You can also look at our Silver Huggies Lookbook 2022 if you prefer smaller hoops. We also talk about some recent trends in our Winter Jewellery Trends Blog 2022.

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We have an extraordinary range of hoop earrings in our jewellery collection. Our impression selection includes gold hoop earrings, silver hoop earrings, large hoops, small hoops with charms, huggie earrings and half-hoop earring styles. We love the hoop earring look and add more to our earring section every month. You can also check out our New In area for the latest hoop earring and other jewellery trends.