Putting in hoop earrings can be difficult, especially for very small earrings. We’ve put together a short guide on how to put hoop earrings in safely and securely. We offer a range of hooped earrings so we are experienced in caring for them and ensuring our customers have our pieces for years to come.  

How to put in Hoop Earrings - Step by Step

Delicate hoop earrings, whether large or small, can sometimes be tricky to place in your ears. Below is a step by step guide on how to put hoop earrings in depending on their style.

Sanitise earrings

This may seem like overkill to some but having clean earrings will ensure you avoid infection. As hoop earrings can be difficult to put in, some people run the risk of damaging the skin around the ear. As such, we advise our customers to sanitise their earrings before putting them in. Regular cleaning will make sure your earrings remain dirty free and sparkling. Plus, you will avoid any chance of infection if you do accidentally cause a small tear. 

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Different types of hoop earrings

Before trying to pop your hoop earrings in, it’s good to know what kind of hoop earrings you have. Although very similar, different types of hoop earrings have slightly different closures. It’s good to know which closure you have so you can follow the steps below.

Wire-loop earring

Wire-loop earrings are one of the most common and traditional hoop earrings. They have a very delicate open loop at one end of the earring where you slip the other end in to secure. To open the hoop, slowly pull it just to the point where the point pops out of the hoop. You don’t want to pull too far or you will bend the hoop. To make the opening large enough for your ear lobe, hold the two ends individually in each hand with each thumb and forefinger holding an end. Keep one hand firm and push the other hand slightly forward. This will twist the loop slightly, but will not distort the shape. 

Hinged hoop earring

A hinged hoop earring is usually the easiest to open. They have a hinged clasp from one side of the hoop to the other. It may click into place or may have a little hoop to secure it. Either way, slightly pull the hinge back until it clicks out leaving the gap. If there is enough space, you should not have to twist the earrings as with wire-loop earrings. If there is not a large enough gap however, you should be able to do a slight push motion to open it up.

The huggie

As huggies are very small, they can be fiddly to get in. However, they are easy to open with just a slight pull on the end if they have a bar end. Some huggies may open like a hinged hoop earring if they have an additional clasp. Because of their delicate nature, you usually have to put them around your ear lobe to close them securely before pushing them back round into the correct position.

Infinity earrings

Infinity hoops, sometimes called continuous or endless hoops, have a small pin that slips into the tube of the hoop. Like the wire-loop earrings, they can easily be opened with just slight pull pressure on one side. You can twist the ends open in the same way, to create more space to slip them over the ear lobe. To close, they will click into place by twisting back to close the loop.


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Putting in the hoop earrings

Once you have your earring open, you are ready to put them in. Pushing from the front, take your time when putting hoop earrings in. You don’t want to stab yourself or tear your ear by trying to force it in. If you have a great deal of difficulty, use a freestanding mirror to see what you are doing. You can also ask a friend or family to help you put it in. Once you feel the thin end is in place, slowly push till it comes out the back side of your ear lobe. Using the same opening mechanisms as described above, do the reverse to close the hoop earring. Make sure the closing is secure before you head out for the day.

Taking Out hoop earrings

When it comes to taking out hoop earrings, you should use the same care and attention as putting them in. Use the opening mechanism for your type of hoop earrings. Making sure there is enough room to manoeuvre your earring safely out of your ear, slowly remove it. Make sure to inspect your earrings if you had any discomfort. If there is any blood, you’ll want to make sure you clean your ears and allow them time to heal before placing earrings in again. If there is any discharge, it could be a sign of infection, so clean your earrings and ears thoroughly and seek medical attention if in doubt.

Storing your earrings

Once your earrings are safely out, make sure they are stored correctly. This makes certain they will stay clean, tarnish free and will stop you from losing your favourite pair. Here’s some tips on jewellery storage. 

How To Put Hoop Earrings In - A Summary

We hope we’ve answered some of your questions on how to put hoop earrings in. Here is a summary of the steps we’d recommend.

  1. Sanitise your earrings and ears.
  2. Understand how to open and close your particular hoop earring types.
  3. Only apply a small amount of pressure to avoid misshaping the earrings.
  4. Go slowly when putting them in and taking them out.
  5. Ensure they are securely closed before going out.
  6. Check earrings and ears regularly to avoid infections.
  7. Store your earrings correctly to keep them clear.

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