The first hoop earrings date from 4500 years ago! While these precious jewels were worn by the royalty of Ancient Nubia in Africa, we’re pleased that anyone can wear beautiful hoops today. They may not be made from solid gold and adorned with precious gems; they are undoubtedly beautiful nonetheless. Today, we share the hoop earring trends you’ll see in 2022.

Hoop Earring Styles for 2022

Of course, a simple, gold hoop earring will always be a classic staple of any jewellery collection. But, for a bit of a tweak on the traditional look, we’ll be seeing lots of colour, texture and a focus on modern styles.


Gabby Heart Huggies - Hoop Earring Trends 2022

Small Hoop Earrings with Colourful Cubic Zirconia

A big trend from last year that will continue today is small hoop earrings with charms. More specifically, we’ll be seeing this design featuring more colour. Coloured cubic zirconia is featuring prominently in jewellery at the moment, and earrings are no exception. This combo of trends is a clear example of how styles develop over time. We merge two looks to get the most fabulous new designs.

This trend is all about adding colourful cubic zirconia gems into the charms of small hoop earrings. Our Gabby Heart Small Hoop Earrings are the perfect example. They showcase a classy huggie style, adorned with white Cubic zirconia gems and a heart charm dangling from the base. Select from six bright and bold colours; pink, purple, navy, green, yellow and aqua. If you like the style but prefer a more refined look, our Louisa Onyx Earrings have the same shape but a large heart in a deep black onyx stone. Another perfect option is the Eliza Mini Drop Earrings, with a vintage look in both silver and gold.


Pearl detailing on small hoop earrings - Hoop Earring Trends 2022

Small Hoop Earrings with Pearl Detailing

Colourful gems are not the only winter jewellery trend you’ll see edge into the hoop earring styles this season. Pearl detailing has made a comeback, and we love to see it applied to small hoop earrings with charms created in iridescent pearls.

We’ve got two classic styles that are perfect for all occasions. The Peri Pearl Earrings are simple, featuring a simple gold hoop earring with a circular pearl drop charm. For a bit more texture, the Grace Pearl Earring has a matching look but a twisted gold band for the hoop section. The Nala Pearl Earrings mimic our Peri Earrings but feature a more oval-shaped pearl and chunkier hoop. Akin more to a huggie earring, a square-shaped pearl drop earring, like our May Earrings, is a good shout if you prefer something more contemporary.

The best thing about pearl detailing is that it works well with almost every outfit. It’s very much like a neutral wardrobe, effortless but ultimately chic.


Textured gold hoop earrings - Hoop Earring Trends 2022

Textured, Oversized Gold Hoops

While we adore our small hoop earrings, we are never, ever going to stop loving oversized hoop earrings. We see a return to large gold hoops this year, as everybody is undoubtedly ready to party! And nothing says glamour party more than beautiful, bold and big gold hoops. While not an entirely new trend, we’ll see a return to textured metals and designs in 2022.

Braids, twists, and hammered metals will be featured heavily in hoop earring designs this year. However, you may also see some unexpected material combinations such as leathers and fabrics mixed with metals. These textured details provide a unique take on the classic heavy hoop.


Twisted gold half-hoop-earrings - Hoop Earring Trends 2022


Half Hoop Earrings

We love half hoop earrings. They provide that hoop earring style without the weight. Plus, they come in the most dazzling arrays of colours and designs. While half hoop earrings have all the classic gold and silver hoop options, the colourful, textured, and pearly details of the above trends will make this super trend what it is in 2022.

Our Candi Earrings are fantastic for a colourful take on the half hoop. Featuring three bright colours, Amber Orange, Aqua Blue and Olive Green, they also have a slightly raised texture adding to the detail. Our Lollie Earrings offer even more colour options for something more subdued, reflecting the creamy pearl colours. The colours include; Amber Orange, Turquoise Blue, Olive Green, Jade Green, Cloudy White, Lemon Yellow, Candy Pink and Cayman. What’s your favourite?

The Chloe Earring, in black and white, offers the textured appeal of leather-bound to the classic half hoop earring shape. This unusual material choice twists around the hoop earring, creating interest and unique surface elements. It adds a bit of fun, but the colour keeps it refined.


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We hope you’re excited to create and change your fashion style in 2022. We’ll share our trending tips and the latest seasonal changes on the blog frequently. So check back soon to stay up to date. If you’re not into the latest fads and love the classic gold hoop styles, check out our full range of earrings. We also offer a range of new and traditional designs for all our customers’ needs.