Huggie earrings’ popularity has massively grown over the last few years. As such we get a lot of questions about what huggies are and how to wear them. This article answers some of the most frequently asked questions about huggie earrings. Read on to find out more.

Common Questions About Huggie Earrings

These are the most commonly asked questions about huggies. We also feature lots of guides on earrings as well as all other types of jewellery on our blog page.

What are huggies in jewellery?

We’ve actually written a whole piece on What are huggies? but in short, huggies are a type of small earring that ‘hugs’ the ear lobe. The material, usually metal, is a small loop that rests against the skin. There is sometimes a small amount of space between the inside of the earring and the ear lobe. But most of the time it sits flush against the skin. It all depends on the size and shape of your ear lobe.

What is the difference between Hoop and Huggie earrings?

For the basic huggie earring, there is not much different from your traditional hoop earring. Plain huggies are simply a smaller version of a classic hoop earring. In this way, all huggies are hoop earrings but not all hoops are huggies. The classic gold or silver hooped earrings can be a huge circle that extends down to your shoulder! Or they could be smaller in size for a more subtle look. Huggies are usually only a few centimetres in diameter. They would be classed as small hoop earrings or even micro hoops.

Sometimes a huggie earring is used as the base structure for a drop earring. This is like a small hoop earring with a charm or dangling pendant. In this case, the huggie style is more about keeping the focus on the drop than the huggie itself. Look at the Elle Rose Gold Huggie for a simple example of a plain huggie. Compare it with the ICY Palm Tree Huggie which is more about the attached charm.

Do you need piercings for huggies? Silver huggie earrings

Do you need a piercing for Huggies?

The short answer is yes. Huggies are for pierced ears because they usually have a rod you insert through the piercing. They work in the same way as a classic hoop earring. They may feature an infinity style or hinge fastening. There are some huggies that are designed to be worn without a piercing. These usually have a clip-on style clasp. If you opt for these, just ensure the clasp is not too tight or you may damage your ear lobe. Alternatively, ear cuffs are another option for someone without pierced ears but would like some lovely small earring jewellery options.

How do huggies earrings work?

Huggies work like a traditional hoop earring, inserting a bar or rod through your piercing and attaching it at the back. Because of their small size, they can be a little fiddly. However, with a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to slip them on and off in no time. We’ve written a clear guide on how to put hoop earrings in which includes huggies.

Wearing Huggie Earrings

The huggie earring is probably the most versatile style because of its size. As it sits flush to the skin there is less chance of it catching on hair, clothing or other objects while out and about. This makes it the preferred earring option for work, working out as well as going out! While we don’t advise you to sleep with earrings in, huggies are probably one of the safest and most comfortable options if you do forget to take them out.

Huggie Earrings: FAQ

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