Our Chinese Name Necklace is part of our world language range of personalised necklaces. We love these captivating scripts that take a simple jewellery piece and elevate it to the peak of sophistication. We’ve already done a deep dive on My Arabic Name Necklace, so today is the turn of our enchanting Chinese name necklace.

Chinese Calligraphy: A Very Brief History

The art of Chinese calligraphy can be dated back almost 6000 years. However, this ancient writing style, which is still in use today, has undergone various transformations and changes over its long history.

The earliest examples of Chinese calligraphy were discovered on ancient pottery and ceramics—these pots date from around 4000 BCE. However, much of our understanding of this craft comes from much later in the Shang dynasty period, around about 1200 BC. Chinese scholars formulated the core principles of Chinese writing within this period. While that was over 3000 years ago, the key elements of the system have remained similar, although the style of writing has changed.

Throughout the Imperial Chinese period, Chinese calligraphy was an essential part of the four most-sought skills of ancient Chinese government officials and scholars called the literati. The others are playing stringed musical instruments, playing the board game “Go”, and painting. Calligraphy was used for practical work but also as an art form. As in Arabic scripts history, several famous Chinese calligraphers shaped the writing style. Some of the most renowned include; Wang Xizhi (c. 303 - c. 365 CE), Lady Wei (272-349 CE), Wang Xianzhi (344-388 CE) and Zhao Mengfu (1254-1322 CE).

Several styles were developed over the centuries, including; Seal script (in use from 1200 BCE), Clerical script (from 200 BCE), Regular script (from 2nd Century), Cursive script (from the 4th Century) and Drafting script (from the 7th Century). According to some books, there are 106,230 Chinese characters! But, for modern learning courses, 3000 characters is enough to be 99% proficient. It still seems like a lot to us! Chinese characters, also called hanzi, are still used by the Chinese people today for everyday writing. But, they are also utilised in artistic ways across the world. You’ll see Chinese characters in art, fashion and advertising.


Chinese calligraphy examples through history

Chinese Name Necklace Trend

The appeal of Chinese name necklaces is clear. They are beautiful calligraphy that makes perfect art for your fashion style. Whether you are Chinese yourself, have Chinese heritage or just love the look, it’s a unique name necklace piece to showcase your personality. The custom name necklace trend has been prominent for years, especially for celebrities, but we’ve only seen Chinese name necklaces on celebs very recently.

You are more likely to see Chinese characters on Celebrities as tattoos rather than jewellery. But, if we’re honest, it’s great to have the option to take it off! One of our favourite examples of Chinese Name Jewellery was worn by Beyonce. Her Las Vegas show outfit from March 2021 was stunning. Featuring lots of custom name necklaces dripping from her white power suit, you can spot her Chinese name necklace alongside English, Hebrew and Arabic.

My Chinese Name Necklace in silver

Our Chinese Name Necklace

Here’s some deep-dive information on our Chinese Name Necklace.

Material & Colour

We only use the best quality metals and components, as with all our personalised jewellery. For the Chinese Name Necklace, you can choose from 18K gold plated stainless steel or sterling silver plated stainless steel. We use plated stainless steel because it’s long-lasting, tarnish-free and water-resistant. It’s also a reasonably priced material that allows our customers to get that little bit of luxury without blowing their budget. In addition, we never use nickel or cobalt in our products, so the risk of an allergic reaction is minimal.

Chain Length & Style

We now offer a range of chain lengths and styles in most personalised necklace ranges. For example, for the Chinese Name Necklace, you can select chain lengths in 40cm, 45cm or 50cm. We currently offer a choice of five; classic link, mini curb, box chain, sphere style and Cuban chain. In addition, there is a size guide and chain style guide directly on the page to help you choose which would suit you best.


Creating your custom name necklace is the best thing about our world language necklaces. For the Chinese Characters, we offer up to 12 characters. If you enter your desired name or word directly into the input field in English, we will translate it directly for you. But, you can also add the Chinese characters directly. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this deep dive into our Chinese name necklaces. We also offer a variety of other non-English language necklaces if you prefer a different style. For example, check out our Hindi Name Necklace, Japanese Vertical Name Necklace, Japanese Horizontal Name Necklace and Korean Name Necklace. We also have a Chinese Dragon Coin Necklace if that's more your vibe.

If you have any questions about ordering our personalised products, check out the FAQ’s in our help centre or get in touch.