A personalised world language necklace can be a beautiful piece of art unique to you. Whether you’re a native speaker, perhaps it’s a language you’re learning or you just love the typographical style, a custom world language necklace is a gorgeous piece to have in your jewellery collection. Personalised necklaces give you the opportunity to wear a custom piece of jewellery that is special to you, showcasing your style.

Custom World Language Necklaces

Personalised world language necklaces and jewellery is a unique trend we’ve seen grow over the past few years. With global travel available to more and more of us, bringing a little bit of our vacation home can help those post-holiday blues. The beautiful scripts that are unique to non-English language cultures are stunning in themselves. Putting that beauty into a personalised necklace to complete your outfit; priceless. 

Arabic Name Personalised World Language Necklaces

Arabic Name Necklace

Add some Middle Eastern charm to any outfit with an Arabic Name Necklace. There is no doubt that the Arabic script style is completely captivating. This elegant Arabic alphabet is a cursive style and includes 29 letters, but if you are looking to wear an English name or word it can easily be translated. There are many reasons you might choose to wear Arabic wording; you have great memories of travelling to an Arabic speaking country, you have ancestral ties, or simply the beauty of the language and the script speaks to you.

An Arabic pendant necklace says it all, so using a thinner chain allows the focus to be entirely on the lettering and the word. You can wear these types of pendant necklaces as a single piece, with it looking great for both a casual as well as a dressed-up style. If you’d like to make a bigger statement with your Arabic name necklace, layer with other delicate necklaces of varying lengths or go bold with a chunky chain. 

Japanese name necklace

Japanese Name Necklace

The Japanese language is written using a combination of writing features called Logographic Kanji. Logographic means a written graphic that represents a word while the Kanji aspect is the Japanese adoption of Chinese characters, and the use of written symbols for different syllables. There are over 50,000 different symbols with several thousand used on a daily basis in Japan. It’s an elegant lettering system with symbolism behind every word. 

A personalised Japanese name necklace is the perfect world language to tell your story and say more with less. Using a non-English language allows you to showcase a unique part of your personality or tell a story with your choice of words. A Japanese language piece of jewellery provides a touch of oriental charm that’s subtle and sophisticated. Wear these delicate pieces as an individual necklace against any classic outfit, or layer it up for a more casual vibe.

Chinese my name necklace

Chinese Name Necklace

The Chinese language uses Chinese characters for its written form. It is an elaborate design that has been used for thousands of years. Like the Japanese writing system it inspired, Chinese uses logographic characters to display meaning. You can take your personalised name necklace to new realms with a Chinese character necklace that displays your name. You can also choose a partner’s or child’s name instead of your own, so they are close to your heart. 

Being similar in style to Japanese lettering, this type of language can work well as a single piece or layered with other necklaces to create a statement look. Choose the right metal, silver or gold, to suit your skin tone and outfit style, and this gorgeous Chinese necklace will zing around your neck. 

What word should I choose for my world language necklace?

The options are endless when it comes to the word you can choose for your name necklace. The most popular choices are:

  • Your name
  • Someone else's name
  • A nickname
  • A word that has significant meaning to you

The only limitation is likely to be the length, so take a look at the limit provided and make sure your chosen name fits within that. They make the perfect personalised jewellery gifts for friends or family. 

Translating your name into another language

If you love the idea of having a world language necklace but are not sure of the translation, then we can help. All of our foreign language necklaces have an input box for you to add your chosen name or word. If you know the characters you want, you can add these in but if you write it out in English then we will translate it for you. If you have any other questions or would like help choosing your world language necklace, please get in touch.