If you love stylish and on-trend looks then you’re gonna love My Arabic Name Necklace. Our custom Arabic script name necklace has been one of our best sellers for years and it’s easy to see why. Combining exquisite Arabic script with our precision-crafted style in high-quality materials, the Arabic name necklace showcases the best of PRYA. The beauty of the lettering alone is why you’ll see everyone sporting this style of jewellery including celebrities. Not to mention its use throughout the world for art, architecture and fashion. Today we’d like to explore the origins of the lettering, as well as its more recent history as a jewellery trend in 2021, continuing into 2022.

Arabic Lettering: A Very Brief History

The artistic Arabic lettering style, also known as Arabic calligraphy, is based on the Arabic alphabet and is commonly referred to in Arabic as ‘khatt’, derived from the word ‘line. The written form of Arabic dates back to 600 - 500 BC. Seen throughout the Arabian Peninsula, many of the earliest examples come from artefacts from Ancient Persia.

However, there was originally no one technique or format of the alphabet. Different tribes and peoples across the Arabian Peninsula had their own styles. It wasn’t till the 7th Century AD that a universal script was created called Kufic. This coincided with the spread of Islam, as it allowed the Quran to be written down and shared across communities. The practice was developed further from around 1000 AD, in the “Golden Age”. The changes to the script are often attributed to three great calligraphers: Ibn Muqla (886–940), Ibn al-Bawwab (believed to have lived from 961–1022), and Yakut al-Musta’simi of Amasya (d. 1298).

While its development was primarily as a tool for communications and preserving Islamic beliefs through the Quran, it developed into an art form in itself. It’s been used especially in architecture, household decoration and coin design. The techniques and look have been developed over the centuries, going through many different movements. Though it’s steeped in tradition, the modern form of Arabic is used throughout the world by modern artists and designers to produce stunning creations.

To find out more, read this awesome article from Skillshare on The History of Arabic Calligraphy.

Arabic art that inspired My Arabic Name Necklace

Arabic Name Necklace Trend

While we can’t deny that Arabic name necklaces have been around for years, sported by many a stylish Arabian woman and several celebrities, we didn’t see this trend explode until 2021 when it became the hottest trend for celebrities and influencers.

Some of the biggest names in fashion, beauty and music have been seen sporting this elegant style. The Kardashians, as always the trendsetters, have been wearing Arabic Nameplate Necklaces for years, with both Kim and Khloe rocking the classic style. Husband to Kim, Kanye (now ex-husband) also wore the style alongside his wife.

Rhianna is another celebrity who loves her personalised Arabic name necklaces. She’s been seen wearing several different styles, from chunky chains to dainty links with the suspended Arabic nameplate. Beyonce, a style icon we’ll always admire, showcased the best of personalised name necklaces in her Las Vegas show in March 2021. Wearing a white power suit, the whole outfit was adorned with custom name necklaces, including an Arabic script one.

We don’t see this trend dying at all in 2022. This look is now a staple because anyone can wear it but still have that personal style through customisation.

Arabic Name Necklace worn by influencer Anna Vakili (right)

Our Arabic Name Necklace

We’ve been selling our version of the Arabic Name Necklace since 2020. It’s one of our best sellers. Here’s everything you need to know about PRYA’s Custom Arabic Name Necklace.

Material Colour

As with all our jewellery, we only use quality metals. For the Arabic Name Necklace, you can choose from 18K gold plated stainless steel or sterling silver plated stainless steel. We use plated stainless steel because it’s durable, tarnish-free and water-resistant. It’s also an affordable material that allows our customers to get luxury, on-trend designs without blowing their budget. We never use nickel or cobalt in our products, so the risk of an allergic reaction is reduced.

Chain Length & Style

We now offer a range of chain lengths and styles in the majority of our personalised necklace range. For the Arabic Name Necklace, you can select chain lengths in 40cm, 45cm or 50cm. For chain styles, we currently offer a choice of five; classic link, mini curb, box chain, sphere style and Cuban chain. There is a size guide and chain style guide directly on the page to help you choose which would suit you best.


Creating your own custom name necklace is the best thing about our world language necklaces. For the Arabic script, we offer up to 12 characters. You can enter your desired name, or word, directly into the input field in Arabic (e.g. كلوي). You can also input your name in English and we’ll translate it directly for you (e.g. Chloe = كلوي ).


Our custom Arabic Name necklace

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this deep dive into Arabic script necklaces. We also offer a variety of other non-English language necklaces if you prefer a different style. Check out our Hindi Name Necklace, Chinese Name Necklace, Japanese Vertical Name Necklace, Japanese Horizontal Name Necklace and Korean Name Necklace.

If you have any questions about ordering our personalised products, check out the FAQ’s in our help centre or get in touch.