If you’re new to the Huggie Earring Trend, then you may be wondering; do huggie earrings stay in? They are such small and dainty earrings that, without closer inspection, you may not be able to see how they remain locked in place. This short guide will explain how Huggies stay in place with their simple locking mechanism. Then, we’ll show you how to put them in and take them out safely. Read on to learn how, or check out the Huggie FAQ Guide for more info on these stunning earring designs.

Will Huggie Earrings Stay in?

Huggies are tiny hoop earrings that ‘hug’ the ear lobe, hence the name. They come in a massive array of designs and are one of the hottest trends for the 2020s. They are the same as any hoop earring; it’s just the size variation that makes Huggies different.

Most hoop earrings have particular fastenings to ensure they stay in the wearer’s ear. Unlike drop or pendant earrings, hoop earrings have a closed fastening that secures them in place. Earrings that use a ‘fish hook’ fastening, on the other hand, are more likely to come off as nothing is stopping the hook from sliding back through the piercing. There is nothing worse than losing one earring! However, Huggies will stay in place all day long because of the hoop earring fastening types. However, there is one condition: they need to be put in correctly.

How Do You Use Huggie Earrings?

So, how do you make sure your Huggies are put on correctly and stay in place. Firstly, you need to know what type of fastening the Huggie is to choose the suitable method. For example, Huggies utilise an infinity loop, while others use a hinge mechanism.

An infinity loop has a small pin that sits on one side of the hoop and can be slid into a hole on the other loop end. This creates a continuous look for the loop but can be fiddly with Huggies. Take your time to place the pin through your piercing and connect it with the other end. It would be best if you got the match dead on and may need to use a small amount of pressure for it to click into place.

Hinge fastenings, on the other hand, use a similar sized pin that is usually more curved like part of the hoop. The pin is fastened to one end with a moving hinge, allowing it to be opened and closed quickly. The pin, when closed, clicks into place at the other end of the hoop. It is secured either by pressing into a groove or small hole. This option can be easier than an infinity loop, but the same rules apply. Take your time lining up the pin and only use a small amount of pressure to secure it. Again, having clean, dry hands can ensure you safely keep the Huggie in place.

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How Do You Take Huggie Earrings Off?

As with the above advice on putting Huggies in, when you want to remove them, take your time and use clean, dry hands. Taking off Huggies will typically be quicker, which is excellent when you crawl into bed at the end of the day. Hold the front of the earring with one hand, and use your other hand to pull on the back-fastening gently. You shouldn’t need too much force. It will pop open, and you can slide the huggie through your piercing. Make sure to store the Huggies in a softbox to avoid scratching and frequently clean to prevent infection risk.

Can You Sleep With Huggie Earrings In?

While we don’t usually recommend that you sleep in earrings, Huggies are probably one of the safest earrings if you do leave them in. As they are small and are close to the skin, they are unlikely to get tangled in hair, clothing or bedding. This reduces the risk of damaging your surroundings or your body. They also will sit flush against your ear, so they are unlikely to irritate your skin or cause a pressure point where other earrings would.

We hope you’ve convinced you that Huggies do, in fact, stay in. If you’d like to read more articles like this, we recommend; Hoop Earrings: An FAQ Guide, Different Types of Earrings and The Best Earrings for Work.