Huggie earrings are super popular at the moment. This fun, small hoop earring style is an excellent choice for so many occasions and outfit styles. Read on to find out what huggie earrings are and what the benefits are of wearing this hot trending jewellery item.

What are Huggie Earrings? A Definition

Huggies are a style of small hoop earrings that 'hug' the earlobe. They come in the same variety of styles as regular small hoop earrings. Classic gold and silver are very common but more unusual metals and gems available as well. The huggie small circumference, which sits pretty much flush to the ear lobe, can also be worn in other piercings. The helix (cartilage at the top and back of the ear), forward helix (top and front of the ear) and the tragus (the small nub in front of the ear canal) can all be used to wear a huggie earring. Just ensure the huggie fits flush against the skin and feels secure. You don't want it falling out or rubbing against your skin. Read more about the Huggie Earring Trend here.

What are Huggie Earrings -Woman wearing gold huggie earrings

Why Huggie Earrings?

Even though Huggies are just very small hoop earrings they have some benefits over classic hoops and other hoop styles.

No Backing

Huggies usually do not have a classic stud back, but opt for an infinity or latch fastening. Both of these options mean the fastening is a closed-loop. A closed-loop is beneficial for a number of reasons. Hair and clothing are less likely to get snagged or tangled. The fastening is more secure, unlike a flat backing that can come loose and be lost. Plus, the look is more seamless, creating an elevated appearance.

Great for Work

The small size of Huggies makes them a great option for work. They will pair well with all outfits and will not stand out too much if you are in a particularly corporate workplace. They are also a lot more telephone friendly. A huggie will not rub headsets or receivers as readily, enabling you to hear your phone call clearly. Plus your clients and colleagues won't hear jangling or scrapping sounds on their end.

The best option to sleep in

While we advise that no one wears earrings in bed, Huggies are probably one of the safest options. The closed-loop fastening and the miniature size will reduce rubbing, snagging and irritation if you choose to sleep in them. As they rest around your ear lobe, they are much more likely to stay in place. But to reiterate, that we don't recommend sleeping in earrings for a huge number of reasons. Learn more about it in our blog, should you wear earrings to bed?

Come in a huge range of styles

Huggies come in a huge variety of designs just like any other earring. Some of our favourites as simply the plain Huggies that consist of a smooth band of your chosen metal. Simple and sophisticated. Our Elle filled earrings are the perfect example, they come in plain silver, gold or rose gold. If you want something a little bit out of the ordinary, Huggies with charms are our go-to option. Small hoop earrings with charms are a particularly big trend this summer and there are countless options out there. Our Phoebe Pearl Earring and Eliza Mini Drop earrings are fabulous examples of huggie earrings paired with a drop earring style. For something more on the quirky style, check out our lightning pendant earring or ICY Palm tree Huggies. Both are super cute.


Shop Huggie Earrings

If you want to see more examples of Huggie style earrings, check out our full selection here. But if Huggies aren't your thing, don't worry, we've plenty of other earring options. Choose from a wide range of hoop earrings of various sizes, drop and dangle earrings plus ear cuffs that need no piercings at all. Still can't find what you want? Check out New In or our Sale section. We have something for everyone.