We love a big bold hoop. It's a classic look, but it's not always practical. That's where beautiful, small hoop earrings come in. The perfect, traditional hoop shape but in a dainty size. Add a charm or pendant drop and you have all the glamour of a hoop earring with that added little wow factor. These are our favourite earrings styles at the moment.

Small Hoop Earring styles with Charms

Small hoops earrings have been around for as long as their larger equivalents. The addition of a charm to hoop earrings is not new either but it has seen a rise in popularity in the past few years. Any hoop earrings can have a charm attached to them. They usually sit on the hoop as a pendant, with their own hoop at the top of the charm used to suspend it from the main hoop. Small hoop earrings with charms come in a few different styles. Each has its own vibe and benefits.

Small, Classic Hoop Earrings with Charms

If you love the classic look of large hoop earrings on women but find them cumbersome, you can choose a smaller, classic hoop option. Small hoops are lightweight, comfortable to wear all day and are less likely to get attached to clothing or hair. Their charms are usually quite traditional in style and use a pendant-style charm in their designs. Our Phoebe Pearl Hoop Earrings and our May Pearl Square Earrings are the perfect examples of a simple, streamline small hoop with a sophisticated charm pendant.

 gold, small hoop earrings with pearl charms

Huggie Earrings with Charms

For an even smaller style, choose Huggies. Huggies are a style of hoop earrings that ‘hug’ the earlobe. They are especially small hoop earring that sits close to your earlobe. They tend to be thicker than the standard hoop but can be both ultra decorative or plain in style. Unlike traditional hoop earrings, Huggies have a lever back meaning the whole curved back of the earring can be pulled apart and clicked into place. We have a variety of Huggie style earrings with charms in our shop. The Lighting Bolt, ICY Palm Tree and Gold Butterfly charm earrings all have a little element of quirkiness in their design. But if you prefer a more formal and sophisticated style, our Eliza Mini Drop Earrings are a great fit. They combine the stunning, simple style of the huggie earring with Cubic Zirconia encrusted hoops and a blue, drop pendant gem with lots of shine.

Half Hoop Earrings with Charms

Want something a little bit different? Why not choose a small, half hoop earring with charm. This style of earring creates a more subtle hoop look but you can make it bolder or more subdued depending on the charm. A half hoop earring will be even lighter weight than a full hoop earring. This makes it the perfect earring style to wear all day. Especially at work. We love our Louisa Onyx Heart Charm Earrings. Not only have they a unique textured hoop, but the black Onyx gem is also bang on trend for 2021.

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If you love your hoop earrings then you've come to the right place. PRYA are specialists in creating hoop earrings in the latest trends as well as crafting design favourites that are a staple of many a jewellery collection. We love large hoops and small hoops. Plain hoops and hoops with charms. Studs, cuffs and Huggies. Gold, silver, gems, colour. We've got a huge variety in one place. Shop our full earring collection now. If you can't find what you are looking for, check back regularly to see our New In. Or get in touch with our team for information about ordering and products.



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