We’ve all been there. Gifted something that doesn’t quite fit. Or bought something without checking the sizing. Oops! And bangles are no different. If you have a bangle that is too small, here’s how you can wear it without hurting yourself or breaking the bangle itself.

Wearing Bangles That Are Too Small

Of course, the best option is to get the right sizing to not have an issue with a bangle being too tight. Check out our Types of Women’s Bracelet Guide and our Bracelet Sizing Guide to help you choose the right bracelet for your wrist and style.

Moisturise and Oil

One of the easiest things to try is to lubricate your wrist. If the bangle is just a smidge too tight, then a little bit of lubrication could make the difference. You can use oil, moisturiser or body cream. Cover your wrist and hand liberally with your chosen lubricant. Make sure the hand that you are using to place the bangle on is dry and free of any residue. This is to stop yourself slipping as you push the bangle on. Once your wrist is covered, take the bangle and push gently up the hand and over the wrist. The oils should allow it to glide over more easily. Ensure you use a lubricant that will not interact poorly with your skin or with the material of the bracelet. Baby oil is the best suggestion as it is a neutral oil that most people will not react to. A skin patch test is always recommended first.

The Plastic Bag Method

Of course, it may still be too tight even with oil. So, here is an alternative method using a plastic bag. You can place a thin, plastic bag over your hand, and use its slippery nature to push the bangle onto the wrist. This method works in the same way as the moisturiser approach above. The plastic will help the bangle glide over the wrist with less resistance. Getting it off could be a little trickier though, so do not force the bangle if you are worried you may not be able to take it off.

Still Too Small? Is Resizing an Option?

In most cases, a bangle cannot be resized, unfortunately. The vast majority of bangles are created from a rigid material, whether glass, metal or plastic. They will have minimal flex in them for bending to fit the wrist. Furthermore, they would be difficult to resize, even by a professional. For those bangles you cannot fit on, it's time to say goodbye. But, here are a few suggestions of what to do instead of putting it in the bin.

  • If the bangle is sentimental, you could wear it through a necklace chain. An unusual take but if it suits your style and you love your bangle, it’s a way to keep it close to your heart.
  • Gift it to a friend or family member. Preferably one with smaller wrists.
  • Donate to charity. If there is no one you know who could wear the piece or that loves it, consider donating to a charity shop. Bracelets and bangles are easy to sell, posing no hygiene risks.

If you do need to throw a bangle away, make sure it is disposed of responsibly. Glass and metal can both be easily recycled. Or if you’re feeling creative, you could upcycle it into something unique.

Warnings And What To Avoid

If in doubt, the best option is to retire the bangle as above. You do not want to risk hurting yourself by forcing a bracelet over your hand. Nor do you want it to get stuck. Here are a few things to remember when trying to fit a small bangle.

  • Be especially careful with glass bangles. They are more delicate than metal so they may shatter or snap, risking cutting yourself. The same could be said of plastic bangles that if snapped could have incredibly sharp edges.
  • Metals are unlikely to break fully, but you may deform them by pushing. But more likely, you could get a metal bangle stuck which could bruise or restrict your hand.
  • It’s not just your wrist or edge of the hand that you should worry about, take care not to bruise your knuckles either.
  • Be aware of using any of the above methods. When in doubt, don’t force a bangle as it could be stuck permanently on your body. You may need to get a professional to safely remove it if this is the case.

We hope you’ve found this article helpful. If you want to shop our collection of bangles, check out our sizing guide to ensure the right fit for you.