Forget the chocolates and the champagne, choose an unusual Valentine's gift this year for your special someone. Here are our topics picks when it comes to unusual Valentine's gifts in 2021. However, if she really does just love chocolates and fizz, then it's cool to get that too, no judgement here.

Unique Valentine's Gift Ideas for her

We love getting the perfect gift for our loved ones but sometimes it's hard to find something unique. Our gift list below has options for every budget and highlight some more unusual gift ideas for Valentine's day.


It still might be a little tough this year to organise experience days as it was in 2020 but many companies are extending the time limit on their experiences to allow plenty of time to claim. Experiences are a great option for the girl who has everything and it can also be a great date night idea too. You don't just have to book through an experience company though, you can organise it yourself. Here are a few ideas for experience gifts.

  • Book tickets for her favourite band
  • Book a hotel with a spa for a pamper experience
  • If she loves her food, why not select a five star restaurant that does tasting menus
  • Is she a dare devil? Book bungee jumping or sky diving.
  • Buy her a workshop or crafting day if she's the arty kind.

Many of these experiences can be enjoyed in a covid-safe way so check with the company you book with how they'll handle your safety.

Home Experiences & Activities

If you know she would prefer an experience that can be done at home, there's options for that too.

  • Sign her up to a course that can be done online. If it's a craft or art course, you could also get all the supplies she would need.
  • Buy her a subscription bundle, so she can get a treat every month or quarter. There are book subscription, beauty boxes and even themed food subscriptions. We like the idea of a biscuit subscription from The Biscuit Baron, delicious!
  • Make home isolation comfier with a candle subscription. An especially lovely gift for the Winter months, when it's grey and cold outside.


Unusual Valentine's Gifts - Double Heart Necklace

Personalised gifts

Nothing says special more than a personalised gift. It is unique to the recipient and they will treasure it. A boring item can be transformed into a personal memento. While a luxury item can be made even more luxurious with personalisation. We've done lots of personalised gift guides on our blog before, so check them out for more inspiration.

We also have some personalised jewellery gift ideas that are perfect for Valentine's day. Our Heart Double Name Necklace makes a beautiful gift and can be personalised to include you and your Valentine's name. You can also create the same personalised double name feature with our Heart Name necklace, that features two dainty hearts at the side of the names.

If you think she'd like something more traditional though, we also have some classic Valentine's Day Gifts. Our Serena Linked Love Heart Ring is so cute and great for stacking with other rings. 


Unusual Valentine's Gifts - Heart Double Name Necklace from PRYA

Food and drink

If your valentine loves food and drink but isn't the biggest fan of sweets and sparkling wine, we've got some ideas for you. Creating a hamper is a great way to collect all her favourite things in to one place. Just get a nice gift basket or box, wrap it beautifully and it's sure to be a stunning unusual Valentine's gift she won't forget easily.

  • Favourite cocktail - Add all the ingredients she'd need to make her fav cocktail. Buy the alcohol needed as well as any additional liqueurs. Don't forget to include additional herbs, spices or fruits she'd need. You can also pair it with some nice glasses, a cocktail shaker and some treats to eat alongside it. You can use the same format to make a mocktail box for those who prefer a Virgin Mary or a Shirley Temple.
  • Favourite meal - same principle as above, provide all the ingredients for her favourite meal. Bonus points if you actually make it for her. If she's a big cook herself, you can also include a related cookbook.

Choose an unusual Valentine's Day Gift

We hope we've given you some ideas for unusual Valentine's gifts and you find something perfect for your special someone. Check out our full range of jewellery, all of which make beautiful gifts for someone you love. Or if you'd like to show yourself a little love why not treat yourself and add something to your jewellery collection. If you need any help, especially on creating your personalised jewellery, get in touch.


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