Many of us haven’t had the chance to see our friends this year, or at least not as often as we would have liked. When it comes to celebrating birthdays, Christmas or other celebrations, we might be looking for something extra special for our friends this year. We’ve put together a list of personalised gifts for friends that will show them how much you care. 


Personalised Gifts for Friends - Ideas and Inspiration

Whoever your bestie is, make sure they know it with a personalised gift that you can both share. We love the idea of having a gift for you both. You can be close even when you are far apart. 

 Personalised Gifts for friends - Two best friends holding Christmas gifts

Matching gifts


You keep your keys with you wherever you go so why not take your best friend as well. You can get a huge variety of personalised keyrings, so you can definitely find something you will both love. A named keyring is an excellent choice but we also love the idea of objects that represent your friendship. 


A simple everyday object that can be personalised with a message makes a great gift. You can use their name, nickname and/or a message of friendship. It’s something to remind her of you every time she takes a sip of her brew.

Personalised Name Necklaces

Why not get matching personalised name necklaces. You and your best friend can have a piece of jewellery close to heart. There are countless options for personalised jewellery and they make a special gift. You can either choose the same lettering for a necklace or get a double name necklace with both your names. If that’s not your style you could opt for an initial necklace. If you aren’t big on necklaces a personalised name bracelet or anklet may be better suited  If you both have the same birth year, you could get matching birth-year necklaces.

Personalised name necklace gift for friend

Photo ideas

Photos always work amazingly for a personalised gift. They are an excellent way to remind you of the good times.

Framed Photo

It’s a basic gift but a simple framed photo or collection of photos will always be something lovely to receive. Choose your favourite photo of the two of you and get a large framed print. You can also select a few photos and get several smaller frames. If you have lots of favourites and lots of memories you’d like to highlight, choose a collage of photos. When choosing a frame, remember to look for one that incorporates your friend’s style. Think about her home or room and where she is most likely to put it. Look for wood colours, texture as well as the photo backing colour. Neutral is always a safe bet but match her style first and foremost. 


If you can’t get a good enough quality photo, you could opt for a personalised print. There are lots of companies out there that do prints with an illustration that you can customise to look like you and a friend. Adding in a  unique message will give you a quality present that is unique for your best mate. 


Something a little more fun that incorporates a photo is a personalised jigsaw. Once again, choose a photo of you and your friend that you love and she’ll get to recreate it in jigsaw form. If you are a bit of a silly pair you can also select a goofy photo or a terrible club night one where her hair is all over the place and you’ve got your eyes half-closed. 


Hamper Ideas

We love a good hamper and a personalised one makes it even better. You can either give this as a one to one gift or club together with your friendship group to create a one of a kind hamper she’ll love.

All her favourite treats

These are easy and indulgent personalised gifts for friends. All you have to do is buy her favourite treats, whether sweet or savoury, put them together in a nice box or basket and top with a bow. You might want to choose some sort of theme to make it look like a professionally put together hamper and a few decorative elements never go amiss. Here are a few ideas:

  • Favourite childhood sweets
  • Pick a colour palette for the hamper and only get goodies in those colours.
  • Recipe hampers e.g. hot chocolate bar, add a mug with hot chocolate powder, marshmallows, gingerbread men, chocolate bars, whipped cream etc…

Beauty hamper

Beauty presents are a staple of gift giving but we think you can up your game. Create a hamper that has beauty items that she actually wants or needs rather than a generic prepackaged gift set. If you are going for a pamper style angle, make sure you choose face and hair products that are tailored to her needs, for example;

  • If she’s always complaining about dry skin, opt for a moisturising skin collection with added items that can help, like a water bottle to reminder her to hydrate or lip balms for Winter. 
  • Same goes for hair products, choose shampoos, conditioners and treatments that are made from her hair texture and issues. 


If you are choosing more makeup based products, you should choose the products she uses the most in the shades she needs for her skin. Or if she needs pushing out her comfort zone a little then choose a shade of lippy you know she’d look fab in but would never try. You can add some extra elements like socks, hair scrunchies or a compact to pull it all together. 


We love the idea of putting together a personalised hamper of her favourite activities. This could be a great option for many people this year who have more time on their hands at home. Here are a few activity ideas;

  • Movie lover - choose some DVDs she’ll love or get her a subscription to a movie service, add in popcorn, pretzels and other cinema snacks and drinks.
  • Crafter - If she’s really into a particular craft, get her the extra tools she needs or the exciting materials she’d love to have. This can be any arts and crafts, whatever she’s into they’ll always be something she wants. 
  • Book worm - Get her a whole load of books to keep her busy and choose a theme to help you select the hamper. This could be; classics, crime novels, female authors or even just select books that have a particular colour for their front cover. 


Choose Personalised Gifts for friends

We hope we’ve given you plenty of ideas for personalised gifts for friends. If you would like more present ideas, we’ve got several more gift guides on the blog including more personalised gifts for her and personalised jewellery gifts. If you need help in selecting your own personalised jewellery piece for your best mate, get in touch.