Spring is finally here, and while it’s still a little nippy outside, it’s time to start incorporating some spring jewellery inspiration into your fits. In Spring 2022 we’ll see a return of classic florals and personalised anklets. Plus, a few celestial-inspired pieces to welcome the sun back into our lives.

Spring Inspired Jewellery

Spring has always been a time for renewal and a fresh start. The end of March is the perfect time to switch up your wardrobe and prepare for what’s hopefully a sunny spring and summer ahead. It’s also an excellent time to change up jewellery as well.

Floral Inspired jewellery

A spring lookbook would never be complete without some floral inspiration. As we’ve written previously, floral prints will always be a prominent trend in spring and summer fashions, including jewellery.

Bold lines and block colouring is still big for 2022, so why not add some graphic detailing with a statement signet ring. Our Daisy Signet Ring, Tulip Signet Ring and Four Leaf Clover Signet Ring are great examples of this style. Plus, they can easily be worn as a single piece or when wearing rings on multiple fingers. This collection mixes classic feminine detailing with a traditional masculine signet ring style. But, we, of course, know that women can wear signet rings too, they’re not just for men.

If you prefer a more delicate style jewellery piece, look to light, pastel colours and softer lines. Our Four-leaf Clover Necklace has an ethereal feel with its translucent, shimmering opal centre and soft, circular lines. The Kai Earring set is a great example of using texture rather than colour to hint at a style. Its twisted braid hoops are reminiscent of a veined leaf and will add a sophisticated charm to your work outfit. We also have the Remi Earring which features a similar braided style and is great for a spring party. You don’t need to theme your jewellery overtly, it can be subtle and understated but still present the right vibe.

Spring Jewellery Trends 2022 - sun and moon jewellery

Sun Inspired Jewellery

Another beautiful homage we’ll see this spring is to the sun. As the days get longer and the sun feels like it’s here to stay, we are looking forward to seeing more sunlight inspired jewellery this spring.

We love the Sonia Sun Pendant Necklace. It’s simple and modest but still incredibly elegant. This is an ideal everyday necklace for all spring and summer long. Choose in gold for the classic sun look but we also have it in silver for our cool, toned ladies. Our Moon & Sun Pendant Necklace is another similar style but features more heavy detailing. While still an excellent everyday piece, this is a bolder statement than the Sonia.

The spring isn’t all about the sun though, the moon still tips his hat to say hello, so you’ll see lots of other celestial-inspired jewellery this 2022. If you like the pendant necklace style but want a moon rather than sun featured, we have several options. The Celine Moon Layered Necklace is on-trend for necklace styles this year. Our Crescent Moon Necklace and Mini Crescent Moon Necklace at two more great examples of simplicity done right. If you’re looking for some earring inspiration, you’ve got to check out our Moon Drop earring that features a moon, star and cubic zirconia stud. The perfect fun and playful piece.


Spring Jewellery Trends 2022 - Personalised anklet


Personalised Anklets

While not all of us are brave enough to don shorts yet, we know there are lots of you out there that will be sunning your legs the first chance you get. Buy yourself a personalised anklet for the coming season from our huge array of name anklets. We offer many distinct styles and custom anklet types, including;

Of course, we also have a whole host of non-personalised chain anklet designs. Check out the full anklet range.

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We hope you’ve found some gorgeous inspiration for your spring wardrobe. If you want to check out the latest designs, head on over to our NEW IN section. We update our products weekly so our customers have the hottest trends right at their fingertips. Visit our blog for more trend inspiration, jewellery styling tips and interesting pieces on the history of gems, jewellery and fashion.