Signet rings are a staple of the jewellery world. Having long been associated with secret societies and historical figures, the signet ring is now a statement piece anyone can wear. But can women wear signet rings? Well, the short answer is yes of course, but here's why and how to wear them.


Is it okay for women to wear signet rings?

Most people would consider signet rings to be purely male jewellery items because they were often used by men in authoritative capacities or in closed clubs that were only for men. But the history of signet rings shows that they could be used by anyone to tell people who they were or to sign legal documents. This would have been done by a signet ring owner or a servant but that doesn't mean that these were exclusively for men. One of the earliest examples of a signet ring discovered by archaeologists is the signet ring of adoratrice Ankhnesneferibre, daughter of Psamtek II and Egyptian Princess in the 6th Century AD. There are also examples in British History of women-owned signet rings, such as Mary Queen of Scots or Queen Henrietta Maria. With countless examples, it's clear that signet rings can be worn by any gender, but nowadays we wear them for style rather than signing documents.


Commonly Asked Signet Ring Questions

Which finger should I wear my signet ring on?

Traditionally, signet rings were worn on the little or 'pinkie' finger. As you use your pinkie finger the least, wearing this ring there would stop it from getting in the way of general activities. It also makes it very easy to remove when it comes to signing documents as you can quickly slip it off to stamp your signature in ink or on a wax seal. As most signet rings are now just for ornamental purposes we think you can wear your signet ring on any finger you want. If you are planning on just wearing your signet ring on its own, the pinkie finger will make it stand out more as it is a less common choice for female ring placement. Or if you want it to bring an outfit together you can opt for it on your ring or middle finger, on either hand. Whatever is most comfortable for your hands is the best option.

What is my signet ring size?

It depends which finger you wish to wear your signet ring on most frequently. If you are planning on only wearing it on your pinkie finger you should measure this. But if you think you may swap it round a little, we'd recommend opting for your average finger size so you can have the most options. Read our guide on how to measure your ring size for further guidance on this.

How to wear a signet ring with multiple rings

There are many ways to wear rings on multiple fingers. Stacked and multi-ring looks are big at the moment and it doesn't look like the trend is going anywhere. We have an article on how to wear multiple rings and the same rules apply if you are looking to include a woman's signet ring in your look. The ultimate rule is to wear what you love and if you like your rings that's all that matters.


The best signet rings for women

Signet rings for women come in a great variety of styles, materials and sizes these days. So you are bound to find the perfect signet ring for your look. Here are some of the most common design trends in signet rings for women in 2021:

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