When it comes to how much do bracelets cost, there are lots of factors to consider. As with all jewellery, you can get some incredibly cheap bracelets all the way through to expensive, luxury brands that could set you back a deposit on a house. In this guide, we'll take you through the different factors that affect the price of bracelets for women.


How much do Bracelets for women cost?

Bracelet costs vary wildly between retailers. You can buy a £5 plastic bracelet that probably won't last very long. On the other side of the spectrum, you can spend £1.3 Million on gem-encrusted, designer bracelets that, while beautiful, will certainly be out of most people's price range. At PRYA, we believe everyone should have a slice of luxury at an affordable price. So we make quality bracelets in a price range between £15 and £50. Our range of bracelets for women is beautiful, affordable and adds that little bit of luxury you are looking for.

Bangles and Bracelets for women in Gold


Factors that affect the price of bracelets

To understand the differences between bracelet costs, we need to look in more detail at the material, style and extra costs that could be associated with a bracelet.

Bracelet Material

The bracelet material is a major factor when it comes to cost. A mass-produced piece of plastic or cheap metal will obviously cost much less than 24K gold with diamonds set around it. The material of the bracelet includes what the band is made of, any decorative elements such as gems or charms as well as any closing mechanism. We use 18K gold-plated stainless steel for our gold bracelets and sterling silver-plated steel for our silver bracelets. We also use cubic Zirconia and other gems that are more reasonably priced than traditional gems but are still amazing quality to add shine, sparkle and interest to our pieces, without breaking the bank. Considering the materials used to make bracelets, you can easily see how it drastically affects cost.


The style of a bracelet can also affect the cost. A simple bracelet, such as a cuff or bangle may cost less than a bracelet with a clasp. This is because more work is needed to create a closing mechanism than a single band of metal. The design elements of a bracelet will also affect the price. A plain bangle will be quicker to produce than an engraved bracelet or one that features a pattern or gems. The style of the main part of the band can also be a factor. Is the bracelet a flat piece of metal or a chain? Does it have a pendant in the middle? Any additional complexity can increase the cost of a bracelet.


A personalised item will always cost a little more than a standardised design. This is the same for customised bracelets and other jewellery. If you want a personalised bracelet, you can expect to pay a little bit more than an off the shelf design. Luckily, here at PRYA, we are specialists in personalised jewellery so you will find our range very affordable.

Extra costs

Don't forget extra costs when it comes to ordering your bracelet, especially online.

Make sure you check out the delivery charges before checkout so you don't get a nasty surprise after you've found the perfect bracelet. Look for a company that offers delivery to your location, is low-cost and provides extra delivery options if needed.

When buying a bracelet, always double-check the size before purchasing. This is true of online as well as in-store. Measure your wrist and check against the sizes given. You don't want to receive it only to find out it doesn't fit. This may end up with you having to pay for return shipping or paying to get it resized. We provide a 5cm extension with many of our chained items to ensure this never happens.


Affordable bracelets for Women

If you are on the lookout for low-cost and beautiful bracelets, you've come to the right place. We have a great collection of cuff bracelets, bangles, chain bracelets as well as personalised options. The majority of our range comes in both Gold and Silver, with many different designs and styles to choose from. If you need any help choosing the right bracelet for you or have any questions about ordering, please check out our help centre. We can also be contacted through our website and our friendly team will get back to you ASAP.

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