Happy Holidays! If you're looking for a Christmas jewellery gift with a bit of a twist, we've got the 'nice' list for you. In this guide, we showcase our favourite gifts from our jewellery range. They include some traditional favourites as well as some new trends. The majority of our personalised items come with a beautiful display box, so you don't even have to think of the packaging.

Christmas Jewellery Gift Ideas

Jewellery is always a welcome gift during the holidays. That little bit of luxury to add some shine through the winter months. At PRYA, we are all about affordable luxury, so anyone can enjoy or give these gifts.


love locket christmas jewellery gifts

Love Lockets

We love that the love locket has made a comeback this year. But of course, it has had a bit of a modern revamp. Instead of the traditional heart or frame pendants, the designs feature actual locks and keys. The original love lockets were used as mementoes to keep a loved one close to their heart. Or sometimes they represented someone's faith or beliefs. With this contemporary update, the look is more subtle. Your heart belongs to someone, but you're not saying who perhaps. Here's four in our collection:


Twisted Cubic Zirconia Ring in Gold

Twisted rings

Did you want a twist on jewellery gifts? Well, how about twisted rings. They are a staple of fashion at the moment and would make an excellent present. We provide a variety of sizes, styles and metal finishes so you can choose the perfect one for friends or family. Here are some of our favourites:


Gold, Cubic Zirconia Snake cuff earring

Cuff Earrings

Cuff earrings make a great gift because they'll fit everyone. Excellent if your loved one doesn't have their ears pierced or is looking to add to their ear jewellery collection. Cuffs add a unique style to any look and come in a huge variety of unique designs. Here are some of our current favourites.

  • We love anything snake-themed this year, so we have to put these two to the top. The Selah Ear Cuff and Sasha Snake Ear Cuff are stunning. Both featuring Cubic Zirconia gems set in a simple shape, they'll make the wearer stand out.
  • A bit of colour goes a long way in the dark winter months. Our colourful cubic zirconia ear cuffs will bring that much-needed shade in. We adore our Shona Rainbow Cuff for the mixture of colours. But, if you're looking for a more classic look, check out the Jade Ear cuff featuring emerald CZ stones. Simply stunning.
  • If your friend has more of a classically styled fashion, choose the ICY Ear cuff. It has a simple but elegant design that will elevate any look.


Personalised Necklace Christmas Jewellery Gift

Personalised Necklaces & Custom Name Anklets

Of course, a PRYA gift list wouldn't be complete without some stunning personalised jewellery. Our custom made jewellery makes the ultimate luxury gift but without breaking the bank. We've written extensively about why personalised jewellery makes such a great gift. Here are some of the best, personalised necklaces and custom anklets to choose from this year.

  • Our extensive collection of World Language Necklaces are definitely gifts with a twist. We've also recently added to the collection our Hindi Custom Name Necklace and Korean Name Necklace.
  • Also new to our personalised necklace collection is the Custom Bar Necklace that features a selection of customisation options. Choose from either gold, silver or rose gold finish. Select from 1 to 4 sides to be engraved with your chosen name or word. There are three different lengths as well as three different chain styles. The perfect customisation to gift exactly what you want.
  • Angel number jewellery is on-trend now and we've got two stunning options in our selection. Choose either our Angel Number Necklace or Angel Number Anklet. Both have gold or silver options. Plus the full range of numbers; 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999.

More Gift Inspiration

We hope you've found some gifting inspiration for this year. You can also check out our New In and women's sale jewellery section to browse a huge number of stunning jewellery designs. Or check out our Shop All section to discover all that we do.

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