Where should you buy women’s signet rings? PRYA jewellery of course! But we promise this article isn’t all about blowing our own trumpet! We are passionate about women’s jewellery and we think anyone can wear signet rings. So, we wanted to share how you can find the right place to buy your rings. Ultimately, it’s all about choosing the style of women’s signet ring you love.

Buying a women’s signet ring

We’ve talked extensively about women’s signet rings because we are still asked can women wear signet rings? But it’s a big myth that women can’t wear them. We think they look awesome on our lovely ladies and are keen to promote their style if that’s the look you want.

A retailer that offers signet rings

There are many different types of rings you can find online. Each with its own beautiful style and designs. If you’re looking to buy a woman’s signet ring, finding a retailer that specialises in signet rings is a must. At PRYA we choose only our favourite styles of rings to design. Women’s signet rings are one of our favourites. So you’ll find an extensive array of signet ring styles in both gold and silver. A retailer that focuses on a particular style will make a better quality product that fits the desired style.

Black gemmed women's signet ring in gold

The style of signet ring

While there are many different types of rings, there is also an array of signet ring styles too. The most popular of these include:

  • The classic signet ring with an emblem. These are the traditional style of a signet ring. When they were first created, signet rings were used by the wealthy and the powerful to sign documents. Pressing their name or sigil into wax, clay or later on ink to create a marking. Nowadays, a classic signet ring is a design choice. We wouldn’t advise signing at the bank with it!
  • Flat-faced signet rings. This is the modern alternative to the emblem ring. It has the same shape and structure as the traditional style but with a smooth facing not a marking. It’s a contemporary look that still holds power.
  • Jewelled signet rings. Some would argue that this is a different style of ring altogether. However, when you look at a jewelled signet ring, you’ll notice how large the gem is set prominently on the ring and is usually in one bold colour. This continues the theme of power we see in most signet rings.
  • Modern styles. Of course, you can’t gatekeep jewellery. Signet rings, like all other jewellery pieces, will continue to develop with fashion. You’ll see elements of signet rings done in many different ways but what will continue is the shape and its associations with prestige. Our Skyla Silver signet ring showcases this well. It utilises the traditional shape but as it’s a two split ring it can be worn in multiple ways. Including sharing one half with a friend.

If you’d like to learn more about styles check out our articles, Best Signet Rings for Women and our 2021 Gold Signet Ring Lookbook.

Women's gold signet ring with amber stone

In your size

Of course, there is no point in buying a signet ring online to discover it doesn’t fit. Finding a retailer who provides your desired ring in the right size is an essential step in buying a signet ring. You can’t always try before you buy, so knowing your ring size can help. We have a handy guide on how you can measure your ring size to help. If you’ve already got a signet ring that doesn’t quite fit on the finger you’d usually wear it on, you can always wear it on your pinkie. The pinkie was actually the traditional finger men wore a signet ring on, so it makes sense for it to be placed on your little finger. Plus, you can always layer it up with others if you want to wear multiple rings at once.

Signet Rings from PRYA

Signet rings are one of our favourite styles and we have a wide range of options. Check out our ring collection to see everything we do. You’ll also find that the jewelled signet rings with bright cubic zirconia gems are on-trend now for winter/spring 2022. With gold signet rings and silver classic styles, as popular as ever. Read more on our blog about the latest jewellery trends and fashions.