The month of love is almost here, so we wanted to show our top Valentine’s Jewellery for 2022. So if you’re looking for someone you love, including yourself, then here’s some valentine’s jewellery for her. We combined some classic romantic styles with the best trending pieces for Winter 2022.

Valentine’s Jewellery For Her

Jewellery for Valentine’s day can be a clique. But, if you choose the right style, it will always be greatly appreciated by a fashion lover. A little bit of luxury without blowing your budget.

Classic Displays of Affection

Hearts, roses and lockets are all classic Valentine’s jewellery designs. They evoke romanticism and passion. You’ll see these emblems featured time and time again in Valentine’s and love jewellery the world over. We’ve selected a range of these classic displays of affection from the PRYA library.

Rose Inspired Jewellery

Love, both romantic and friendship, have long been linked to roses. Roses were associated with the Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, more than 2000 years ago. Yet, today’s representation of love is likely from the Victorian Era. During the 19th Century, it was frowned upon to ask someone out on a date. Therefore, sending roses, especially red roses, was a way to show your affection. Our Juliet Rose Necklace is a classic pendant necklace perfect for the occasion. If it’s her style, we offer this in rose gold, as well as our usual gold and silver.


 Valentine's Jewellery gifts for her 2022 - Gabby Heart Earring and Necklace set


Heart Jewellery

The heart is, of course, another typical symbol of a Valentine. Once again, the ancient Greeks are our most ancient source of this idea. Our strongest emotions, including love, were said to come from the heart. This idea continued throughout human history, with jewellery in the middle ages frequently featuring hearts as a symbol of love.

We’ve got countless heart inspired jewellery, but some of our favourites for Valentine’s gifts include our Libby Heart Necklace, Classic Heart Necklace and our Gabby Heart Huggie Earrings. A beautiful gift option is a set of jewellery. Our Louisa Heart Set is the perfect valentine’s gift, with matching small hoop heart charm earrings and a pendant heart necklace.


 Love locket necklace - Valentine's Jewellery gifts 2022

Love Lockets

The love locket is a medieval jewellery creation, though some evidence shows the idea has been around for thousands of years. A love locket can be any piece of jewellery that features a closed case with a special message or picture inside. Some merely held small letters, while others had portraits drawn in them. When photography was invented, love lockets featured the photo of a loved one.

A more modern take on the love locket is an actual lock or key worn as emblems. There are bridges around the world, especially in Paris and Venice, adorned with locks that couples have attached to show their unbreakable love. However, we hope our lock inspired jewellery will stay with you for a lifetime too.

Our Chunky Lock Necklace is that perfect pairing of the classic lock with a contemporary chunky gold chain. However, it’s also available in silver. We love our Freya Pearl Lock Necklace for something more romantic in style. Plus, pearls are super on-trend this winter 2022.



Unique Jewellery Personalised for Her

If your bae is a little more into modern styles than classic displays of affection, we’ve got some stylish jewellery personalised just for her.

Customised Necklace

Instead of keeping the name of a loved one inside a locket, wear it front and centre with a custom name necklace. Personalised necklaces are PRYA’s speciality, so you’ve got a vast selection of personalised jewellery to choose from.

A suspended letter name necklace like our Classic Suspended Name Necklace or ICY Suspended Name Necklace adds impact to any outfit. For a most classic nameplate style, our top picks for Valentine’s includes swirly script-style fonts. The Valencia Name Necklace, Sienna Name Necklace and Venice Name Necklace are stunning choices.

If you’re looking for something a little different, why not buy her a world language necklace. Our range includes; My Arabic Name NecklaceHindi Name NecklaceChinese Name NecklaceJapanese Vertical Name NecklaceJapanese Horizontal Name Necklace and Korean Name Necklace. Plus, we also have a Love Arabic Name Necklace that specifically spells love. We’d say that’s a pretty perfect option if its her style.


Valentine's Jewellery Gifts 2022 - Silver baby girl personalised name necklace

Cubic Zirconia: The Alternative to Diamonds

Suppose you’re worried about giving the wrong impression this Valentine’s (I.e. you don’t want them to hear wedding bells in the distance). In that case, cubic zirconia rings are a great alternative to diamonds. Just make sure they are not a classic engagement ring style! Instead, a baguette-style cubic zirconia ring gives you all the glamour without the commitment. She’ll love the look of our range, especially the Angelica, Angelina and Jada cubic zirconia rings.


Birthstone Jewellery and colourful cubic zirconia jewellery

Is your girl a bit more into colour? That’s great because colourful cubic zirconia jewellery and birthstone jewellery are both on-trend right now. While we love the classic gold, silver and crystal clear gems, colourful stones allow for so much more variety. We love our gold birthstone rings and silver birthstone rings. Choose from either silver or gold and select your loved one’s month. We’ll do the rest. If it’s a necklace you’re on the lookout for, we cannot recommend our Leonie Pendant Necklace enough. It’s our absolute fave at the moment.


Valentine's Jewellery 2022 - Birthstone rings and birth month Jewellery,


Buy Valentine’s Jewellery Gifts For Her

We hope you’ve found some inspiration for your valentines gifts this 2022. If you’re looking to buy a personalised jewellery gift, best to buy now as personalisation can take between 2 and 4 weeks. Check out our personalised jewellery UK range to find the perfect valentines gift, or look in our New In section for the latest styles. We hope you’re lucky in love.