Personalised jewellery is an affordable way to add a little luxury to any outfit. Every personalised piece of jewellery is different but we've selected our best personalised name necklace styles to showcase the variations you can choose from.


Our Best Selling Personalised Name Necklaces

At PRYA we are proud specialists in making custom jewellery and personalised name necklaces. Our customers love their name necklaces and we bring out new styles and designs frequently. These are currently our best selling personalised name necklaces.


Classic Personalised Name Necklaces

The classic custom name necklace is now a staple of many wardrobes but every one of them is unique. We offer a wide selection of classic name necklaces where your name sits between two chains. We've selected several different typefaces for their various styles. Our fonts range from blocky to cursive handwriting styles. Our bold block necklaces include our super popular Old English Name Plate Necklace and our Action Custom Necklace. If your looking for something more delicate and softer, our best selling handwriting necklaces include the London, Paris and Miami name necklaces.


World Language Name Necklaces

A non-English name necklace is an excellent way to add a bit of personality and intrigue to an outfit. Whether it reflects your heritage or a time you travelled, world language necklaces use the beautiful lettering of different cultures to create a beautiful personalised jewellery piece. Our most popular world language necklace is our Arabic Name Necklace. We also created Japanese and Chinese name necklaces. Read more about our World Language Necklace Collection here.


Unique Styled Name Necklaces

The examples above both follow a common style of the name hanging between the chains but we also offer some more unique configurations. We designed a Suspended Old English Name Necklace to create a more unique style of necklace. We also love our double name necklace designs that give a bit more flexibility when it comes to naming. Our Double Name Heart Necklace follows the traditional style but with a double name, while the Heart-Shaped Name Necklace is a more unusual design. Or if you like a traditional configuration but don't like the block letters, select our Engraved Bar Name Necklace.


Initial Necklace

Not everyone likes emblazoning their name across their chest, so we have the perfect alternative to the name necklace; the Initial Necklace. We offer a wide collection of initial necklaces, anklets and bracelets. However, our most popular initial necklace designs are the Classic Initial Necklace design and our famous Cubana Initial Necklace. Whatever your letter, you can have the perfect initial necklace for you and your style.


Best Personalised Name Necklace - Handwritten style gold chain that says Morgan

What Word to Use for a Name Necklace

The options are endless when it comes to the word you can choose for your name necklace. The most popular choices are:

  • Your first name, full name or nickname
  • Your friend or family member's name if you are getting it for a gift
  • A word or place that has significant meaning to you.
  • The name of someone that means a lot to you.

The only limitation is likely to be the length, so take a look at the limit provided and make sure your chosen name fits within that.


Personalised Jewellery Gifts

If you are thinking of getting someone a name necklace for their birthday, Christmas or a just-because gift, then look no further. We frequently put together personalised gift guides on the blog, including personalised jewellery present ideas. Here are some of our latest ones if you need further inspiration:


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