The sun is finally shining, so we’re definitely in the mood to put some sunshine fits together. We’re looking forward to getting our anklets out for spring and summer 2022. So, here are the latest and greatest anklet styles for this coming season. Check out the blog each week for up to date articles on the newest jewellery trends, or check out our New In section to see the latest designs.

Anklet Styles for Spring and Summer 2022

This season, we will see the trends of other jewellery styles bleed into anklets, the classic summery piece. This includes many personalised details with emotional attachments, layering up and textured designs.


Personalised Anklets for Spring/Summer 2022 - Arabic name anklet


Personalised World Language Anklets

It’s no secret that we love personalised pieces, and anklets are no different. Creating beautifully customised pieces is what we do, and we are pleased to see this personalised trend has grown into the anklets. While any personalised anklet can be a stylish addition to your spring wardrobe, the trends of the moment are definitely towards uniqueness and cultural beauty. World language name anklets allow you to showcase your style without putting your name as obviously out there. We’ve designed several anklets that match our world language necklace range: Arabic Name Anklet, Chinese Name Anklet and Japanese Name Anklet. Plus, we hope to add more to our collection soon. These are fantastic pieces to wear every day, but they also can add the right hint of luxury to more formal outfits. Perfect for wedding season!


Personalised Anklets for Spring/Summer 2022 - Textured rope anklet


Textured Chains & Layering

Textured detailing is a focused trend of 2022. We’ve seen it for silver and gold bracelets and chains for women in 22. You can bring this style into your spring wardrobe by adding textured chain anklets. This style is all about 3D shaping, tactile touch and movement and flexibility in a piece. Our Chunky Rope Chain Anklet is an excellent example of this. It showcases a very detailed rope chain that moves at ease. Our Flat Rope Chain Anklet is the ideal alternative for something on the more dainty side. Another pair that utilises the same rules includes the chunky Double Link Curb Anklet and the more streamlined Herringbone Anklet.

Layering is another way to add texture to your look without a specifically tactical anklet. Layering adds textured detail to a look by combining different jewellery designs. For example, you can layer simple anklet chains together to create a textured look. The only rule is to mix and match the scale of the anklets. This could be through the chain thickness, different colour combos, different chain styles or using plain chains with one statement piece.


Personalised Anklets for Spring/Summer 2022 - Angel Name Anklet


Numbered Anklets

One more personalised trend in anklets is the use of numbers. While name necklaces and name anklets may be super popular at the moment, adding digits into the mix brings a unique take to the custom style. Our birth year anklet is the definitive numbered piece and perfect for a summer party. But, our favourite style this 2022 is Angel Number jewellery. We’ve got several necklaces associated with angels, but our favourite of the time has to be our Angel Number Anklet. It’s a simple piece but is a super personal piece to wear. You get to choose the three numbers that you most connect with. Plus, if your guardian angel is genuinely looking down on you, this anklet will keep them close.


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While these are the two anklet trends for spring and summer 2022, we always encourage our customers to create their own fits. You can view our full anklet range here, or if you’re looking specifically for personalised pieces, head on over to the Name Anklet Section. We are always happy to help, so get in touch with the team if you can’t find what you’re looking for. We love to see how you style your PRYA personalised jewellery, so don’t forget to tag us on Instagram.