Can women wear chain necklaces? Well, of course! We love women’s chain necklaces and have a vast range of styles and designs. We think it’s ridiculous to say what women can or cannot wear. While chain necklaces are often associated with men’s jewellery, they are a fully-fledged part of women’s jewellery fashion in 2022.

Is it okay for Women to wear chain necklaces?

The question of whether women can wear chain necklaces pops up primarily because chains have traditionally been associated with men in the 20th century. So, we wanted to share a little bit of the history of chains to dispel this myth. Plus, share some of the development in fashion and styles that lead to the trends of 2022.

Types of chains

There are many different types of chains in jewellery. While the combination and designs can vary, the most popular you’ll see today include these styles.

A chain necklace is a straightforward design, with the look all down to the structure of the chain. No other decoration, like pendants or nameplates, keeps the focus simply on the chain. This design detail is one of the reasons that chains are more associated with masculine looks. While lots of details would be considered feminine in the past Century, a plain chain is a piece of jewellery men could wear without it being considered “girly”. While we wholeheartedly disagree, as anyone can wear chains, the particular style definitely contributes to the myth that women can’t wear chain necklaces.

Different types of womens chain necklaces

History of UK Chain Necklace: Celtic Torcs, Roman Chains & Victorian Chokers

While in the 20th Century, it may have been seen as more a man’s piece of jewellery. Chains have a long and ancient history where all genders would have worn them. Even in ancient Britain, we have examples of chain-like necklaces, the most famous of which include Celtic Torcs from as early as 1200 BC in the Bronze Age. These gold chains were often plain bands of gold, but some featured intricate designs, especially for royalty. Plus, many of them have been found in the burial sites of women, including Princesses such as in Waldalgesheim chariot burial.

Examples of chain jewellery have continued to be found throughout British history. The Roman period has many examples of chains that are not dissimilar to 21st-century styles with their gold links. Medieval examples tend to feature fewer metals but still feature what we’d consider chains throughout Saxon and medieval England. As we entered the industrial revolution, the chain styles of the Romans returned but mixed with the gems found throughout the world. Victorian examples can be very similar to what we wear today, but they can also be incredibly ornate and for ceremonial purposes.


Can Women Wear Chain Necklaces? - Women's celtic chain necklaces called torcs

Photos: Two uncleaned Bronze Age twisted bar torcs with flared cylinder terminals, as often found folded up, with bracelets, England & Gold Torc from the Stirling Hoard

Chain Necklace Styles in the 20th Century

The chain styles we consider today have been most popular since the 1970s. One exception to this is the Figaro chain that has been around since the 18th Century. Since this era, Cuban link chains have been trendy, with many from the R’n’B and hip-hop music scene spotting this style. However, while there are many amazing female artists from this period, it was dominated by men, which brought in the idea that chain necklaces were for men.

The style of chains started off as relatively close to the neckline and they were quite slimline. Throughout the 80s they got chunkier and older. The 90s added length and the 2000s added variety. Today there are all types of styles and designs and everyone can wear them, including women.


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