It's September and many of us will be starting or back to college and university before you know it. We wanted to share some style inspiration to get you excited for the year to come. Our university outfit ideas range from sporty to formal and totally appropriate for college as well.

Back to College & Uni Capsule Wardrobe

The idea of a capsule wardrobe has been around for decades but it's definitely become a more popular way of styling your overall look in recent years. A capsule wardrobe was first written about in the 1940s to mean a small collection of garments designed to be worn together with a general colour palette and line style. The term capsule wardrobe was revived by Susie Faux, the owner of a London boutique called "Wardrobe" in the 1970s. Today, it's used by anyone who wants to create a paired back wardrobe with basics they can mix and match to create endless outfit options. This a great approach to university outfits because you'll always have something to wear.

The Basics

Every capsule wardrobe will look different because we all have different commitments at uni and our own unique personal style. Use the below list as a starting point and drop what you would never wear and add anything that just screams you.

  • T-shirts - A basic white/black tee, a striped tee and a graphic/band tee.
  • Shirts - A denim or linen shirt, a cotton white shirt, tunic style
  • Knitwear - A basic cardigan in a few colours, lightweight and heavyweight jumper
  • Trousers - Skinny jeans, straight cut jeans, smart trousers in your preferred colour, good quality leggings and joggers
  • Skirts - Maxi, midi and mini
  • Outerwear - Trench coat, jacket and a blazer
  • Shoes - Trainers (excluding your gym trainers), boots and booties, flats and/or loafers and a classic pair of heels.
  • Accessories - A quality collection of jewellery, scarves, hats and several handbags in different styles


Casual University Outfit Idea


Uni Outfit Styles

Now you have a list of your top basics, you can pair them together to create the right style.


Whether you're just hanging out with your new besties or hitting the gym, casual wear looks can be stylish and sporty. Here are some of our favourite look and style trends for 2021.

  • Monochromatic looks. Use your simple, capsule wardrobe colour palette to good effect with outfits in the same colour but in different shades.
  • The Dressed-up Dress - Using a basic t-shirt dress or block dress in a neutral colour like black or white, is the perfect base to layer. Keeping the central piece simple gives you the freedom to load on the chains, rings and bracelets to create a maximalist look. Or pair it with a graphic tee, leather jacket and some big bold boots to make a statement.


Sporty University Outfit Ideas


Business Casual

Uni is a super fun and exciting place, but it's not all play. There is hard work to be done and you want to look the part when you do it. Dressing up to do work and study has been shown to improve productivity, reduce anxiety and help you keep focused. It also helps separate work from social life which can be difficult at university. Plus, you will look professional and confident in lectures, seminars and for that job interview you score. Here are some top trends at the moment:

  • The office t-shirt - We don't think of a t-shirt as being business wear but pair it with the right accessories and items to make it a hit. A smart blazer, tailored trousers or skirts and jewellery that's perfect for an office, will polish that simple but comfortable tee.
  • The Bold Floral - A big summer trend in 2021 was the bold, graphic floral print. To bring this design aspect into the workwear look think big. Either go for one outfit piece or lots of little pieces. A dress or blazer that features a large floral design will showcase your confidence. An outfit with lots of small elements, such as floral designed jewellery, handbags and shoes will create a look that is all about the details.


Business Casual University Outfit Idea


Formal & Fancy

At University you'll have the opportunity to go to some amazing events as well as partying the night away at house parties and clubs. You'll want to look your best, so here are some trends which we love for your glam looks.

  • All about the shine - After the dullness of lockdown it's time to go super glam and bring some sparkle into your life. This autumn, we are seeing lots of glittery fabrics, sparkling jewellery and glossy footwear and accessories.
  • Bold colour blocking - Another trend that no doubt is in response to wanting to live life to the max is daring colour choices. Pairing unusual coloured accessories with your classic little black dress is a simple way to get the look. But why not go for something more outrageous. A complete outfit with monochromatic, bright colours will bring a much-needed smile to your university days.


Glam University Outfit Idea


Have Fun!

We hope you've found some style inspiration for the new school year and we hope you have an amazing first term back. If you are on the lookout for new jewellery to pair with your outfits, then look no further than PRYA jewellery. We have a huge range of necklaces, earrings, chains, bracelets and rings. Plus if you are looking for something to set yourself apart from the crowd, check out our personalised jewellery collection including our famous name and initial necklaces.