Who doesn't love the look of a powerful woman? The signet ring is a jewellery embodiment of power and has been used for centuries to represent it. We absolutely love women's signet rings, so we wanted to share some tips and ideas on styling a woman's signet ring.

Styling a woman's signet ring

Styling jewellery will always be down to your preferences. However, here is some info on wearing and styling them that you might not have thought of at first.

Can women wear signet rings?

Firstly, we are often asked whether a woman can wear a signet ring. Of course, the answer is yes! You can wear whatever you want to! If you love the look, then why not. We offer many signet rings for women as we think they look stunning. Many people consider signet rings as purely male jewellery items because high ranking men utilised them. These men included authoritative rulers, such as kings or lords, or closed clubs for men. However, the history of signet rings shows that anyone could use them to tell people who they were and sign legal documents. The ring owner or their servant could usually sign with the ring pressed in ink or wax and then applied to paper. So they were not exclusively for men.

One of the earliest examples of a signet ring comes from Ancient Egypt. Archaeologists discovered a signet ring found in the tomb of an Egyptian Princess in the 6th Century AD, Adoratrice Ankhnesneferibre, daughter of Psamtek II. We also have examples throughout British history—Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Henrietta Maria both had signet rings. With numerous illustrations, it's clear that any gender can wear signet rings, but nowadays, we wear them for style rather than signing documents.


How to style women's signet rings


Which finger should I wear a signet ring?

Traditionally, people wore signet rings on the little or 'pinkie' finger. The pinkie finger is used least for gripping and handling items throughout the day; it is, therefore, a good option for the signet ring as it will not get in the way of general activities. The little finger also allows the signet ring to be slipped off easily and quickly. Perfect for signing documents quickly. However, most signet rings are just for decoration now, so you can wear your signet ring on any finger you want. Wearing it on the classic pinkie position will stand out more since it's not a standard position for female rings.


Single Signet ring styles

Signet rings can be big and bold or more minimalist and streamlined. We love the new variations on this classic jewellery piece. Here are a few simple styles to choose from:

  • A classic signet ring with a plain band. Perfect for everyday wear.
  • A classic signet ring with a detailed design or gem on the face. This is the most traditional look.
  • A split signet ring with two halves put together to make a whole. Perfect for a gift to share with a loved one or represent multiple sides of your personality.

Check out our article on the best signet rings for women here and see our favourite signet rings from 2021 here.

Wearing signet rings with multiple rings

Signet rings are a great choice to pair with multiple rings and multiple finger ring styles. You can use a large signet ring to anchor other rings, using it as a focal point. If the signet ring is on the smaller or plainer side, it can be used as the neutral base to add more colourful, textured or large pieces around. Read how to wear rings on multiple fingers for ideas on how to style signet rings with other rings.


 Styling womens signet rings

Clothing & Fashion

Of course, styling your signet ring is as much to do with your clothing and fashion. For jewellery, pair signet rings with similarly styled bracelets, chain necklaces and earrings for an even more powerful look. If you prefer to keep the focus on your hand, huggies, studs and a dainty chain necklace, like a Fine Snake Chain, can elevate the look without detracting from your ring.

When it comes to clothing, you'll know your own style better than anyone. Signet rings work great as a power piece for the office and a hot date. It says I mean business, and I'm confident in myself. Matching the colourings of your signet ring to the rest of your look is one way to find a cohesive style. Like our Lani Onyx Oval ring, a signet ring with a dark stone would look fabulous in an all-black outfit. In contrast, the Birthstone Ring Gold and Birthstone Ring Silver are great to add a pop of colour in your birth month colour that matches a colourful outfit.

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