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How to Hide a Bad Hair Day: Statement Earrings

How to Hide a Bad Hair Day: Statement Earrings

Ever had one of those mornings where your hair just doesn’t want to cooperate? It’s well past hair wash day but you have no time to wash it, and no amount of hair gel will keep your slick back pony in place. We feel you. Luckily, PRYA has the ultimate style hack to rescue you from those pesky bad hair days: Statement earrings!


Statement earrings are the hottest trend sweeping the jewellery world. These bold beauties are making waves and turning heads. But what’s even more exciting, is the power of a statement earring goes beyond adding a pop of style to your outfit- they’re your secret weapon for styling out the bad hair days.


How to Select the right Statement Earrings for You

You can’t go far wrong with statement earrings, the bolder and more abstract the better, especially when trying to distract from a bad hair day. 


However, these are some ideas to consider when picking your perfect pair of statement earrings: 


Comfort is Key

Statement Earrings can be heavy, and if chosen wrong, uncomfortable. PRYA Earrings feature a butterfly closing clasp for maximum comfort. The idea is that you can wear these all day and night without them feeling heavy in your ears. 


Choose a Metal that Compliments your Skin Tone 

You can wear statement earrings in a variety of colours to match your outfits perfectly. PRYA offer 18k gold plating and stainless steel silver. 


Typically warmer skin colours are perfectly complemented with gold jewellery and cooler skin tones are complemented by silver jewellery. But we encourage you to pick a style which you love the most, unapologetically! 


Reflect your Personal Style with Statement Earrings 

With such a large variety of PRYA statement earrings to choose from, you can choose ones which perfectly reflect your personal style.


If your biggest style inspiration is Hailey Beiber, you may fall in love with our Zaya Earrings, Ella Drop Earrings or Nadia Knot Knocker earrings


Seeking striking designs with unique textures? Try our Cela Geometric Earrings or Gaia Earrings for the ultimate sophisticated look. 


And for those days when your hair decides to do its own thing, embrace bold and unapologetic vibes with our Elina, Maeve and Samara Earrings. They’re your go-to pieces for turning heads and diverting attention from any hair-related chaos. 


So there you have it, next time you wake up to a hair crisis, remember that statement earrings are your ultimate style saviour. With PRYA’s collection of bold and beautiful earrings, you can effortlessly elevate your look and distract from any hair related woes. 


Whether you’re channelling Hailey Bieber’s chic elegance, seeking sophisticated textures or embracing fearless boldness, there's a pair of statement earrings waiting to steal the show. 

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