Door knocker earrings are one of our favourite styles of earring. The door knocker earring trend has been prominent since the 1980s but we've seen a revival in recent years. Today we talk about the history of the trend, the different types and our favourites.


What are door knocker earrings

The shape of door knocker earrings can vary greatly. They are typically round or oval hoop styles but they can be flat bottomed or even heart shaped. The door knocker name comes from their appearance of a traditional door knocker with a central point (the bit that would be attached to a door) that the hoop hangs down from. Traditionally door knocker earrings are gold and feature thick, weighty hoops. However, in recent years, they have also featured smaller and even delicate designs. Many styles are also available in silver, rose gold and other metals as well.


The Door Knocker Earring trend

Hooped earrings have dated back to ancient Egyptian times. Both men and women wore them, and they were a staple of the royals. In ancient Greece and Rome, it was women that mainly wore this style. The majority of hooped earrings and jewellery as a whole was generally reserved for the wealthy and this continued for hundreds of years. By the middle ages, large earrings had mainly fallen out of favour as they had huge hairstyles and elaborate dresses to showcase their fashions.

In the 21st century, hooped and larger earrings were beginning to be worn again. As clothes and hairstyles were becoming plainer, there was more chance to show a bit of personality with jewellery and other accessories. However, it wasn't until the 1980s that the door knocker earring trend rose in popularity. Their popularisation came with the rise of female hip hop artists in the mid-80s and they began to be sold in mainstream shops. Door knocker earrings are sometimes called bamboo earrings. Though the origins of this term is unknown, it could be because they were originally mass-produced in Asia and sold in Asian markets and shops in the 80s. The door knocker earring trend has continued for the past forty years and we are glad to see it sticking around.


Our Favourite Door Knocker Earrings

Check out our range of traditional and modern door knocker style earrings.


Gold Door Knocker Earrings

Classic Gold Door Knocker Earrings

Our Nadia Knot Door Knocker Earrings are the quintessential door knockers. Available in gold or silver they add a touch of class to any outfit. Measuring only 1.8 x 2.5 cm they are smaller than your traditional door knocker but pack a punch with the classic style.

Bamboo Hoops

Our Bamboo Mini Hoops nod to the traditional Bamboo door knocker style. They have the chunky appeal of a classic door knocker but are smaller in size, making them perfect for everyday wear.

Twisted Hoops

The twisted hoop rings in our collection offer an alternative version of the door knocker. These plated metal hoops offer a twist in both name and style on the traditional filled gold hoops. We have several different options; the Jazmin, Maya and Sofia.

Silver Door Knocker Earrings

Gold door knocker earrings aren't the only metal to choose from. Our Silver filled hoop earrings are just as stunning as their gold sisters. Silver works well for different skin tones and outfit options, so don't be afraid to wear it if it's more your style.


How to put hoop earrings in

If you've ever had difficulty putting in hoop earrings like door knockers, we have an article on how to put hoop earrings in.

Here is a summary of the steps we’d recommend:

  • Sanitise your earrings and ears.
  • Understand how to open and close your particular hoop earring types.
  • Only apply a small amount of pressure to avoid misshaping the earrings.
  • Go slowly when putting them in and taking them out.
  • Ensure they are securely closed before going out.
  • Check earrings and ears regularly to avoid infections.
  • Store your earrings correctly to keep them clear.

Shop our Door Knocker Earrings

If you'd like to shop our extensive collection of earrings, check out our selection here. If you can't find what you are looking for, please get in touch. We are always adding more earrings to our collections, so check back soon.

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