We adore our chain necklaces for women and love that these striking pieces of jewellery are now an affordable staple for all. But how much are chain necklaces and what determines their price? Today, we explore all the different factors affecting the price of your favourite chain styles. Chains can be priced anywhere from a few quid for low-quality chains all the way to millions of pounds. At PRYA, our chains are usually priced between £15 - £30, depending on the style, material and sizing.


Factors affecting chain necklace price

As a jewellery company, we are committed to making luxury items at an affordable price. We believe everyone deserves that little hint of glamour without a whopping price tag. With that said, there are many different factors that go into deciding the price of a necklace. Here are the most important ones.


There are a huge variety of chain types and styles out there. Curb, Cuban, Figaro, Box, snake, herringbone, and rope, to name but a few of the most popular styles. Each has its own design and these vary in complexity. The more complex the link chain style, the more expensive the chain is likely to be. This is simply because the more complex chains take more time to make and may contain more material to produce.


The length of a chain is a simple factor that can affect the price. The longer a necklace, the more material is used and therefore the cost can increase. Chain necklaces can be bought in many different lengths. Choker style chains will be very short and sit flush around the neck. Longer chains such as Rope Length chains can it as low as your stomach at around a meter long! The longer the chain the more expensive the necklace will likely be.


As with length, the width can determine the cost of a chain. A thicker chain will use more metal to manufacture and make the final product more expensive. Chain widths are dependent on the style and design. Some necklaces will only come in a very thin thickness such as fine snake chains. While others will be chunky, bold pieces like classic Cuban chains.


The material of a chain is going to be one of the biggest determiners of price. Alloys and plated metals will be vastly cheaper than solid precious metals. A solid gold chain or silver necklace will usually set you back thousands of pounds. But a chain could also cost you millions if it's encrusted with diamonds and precious gems. Plated stainless steel, like the women's chains PRYA makes, are much more affordable. The majority of our chain necklaces are crafted from 18k gold plated stainless steel or sterling silver plated stainless steel. Both options are tarnish-free, water-resistant and very strong. This makes them a great choice for chain necklaces as they will last for a long time but are also incredibly affordable.


There are several different types of fastening for necklaces and the slight variations in design could slightly alter the price. A trigger clasp is much more complex to create than a T-bar fastening so it could affect the overall price. In general though, the fastening type is probably going to be the smallest factor when it comes to how much a chain necklace costs.


If you choose a chain necklace from a designer brand, you are going to pay a lot more. Jewellery created by famous designers is usually priced at a way higher rate than the cost to make it. You will pay a premium simply because it has the designer's name on it, regardless of the materials used or the style created. All of our chains are designed and crafted in England and we don't put the price tag up because it says PRYA 🙂


Another factor to consider on the pricing of your chain, it whether there is any personalisation to the necklace. Most chain necklaces are focused on the chain itself with not additional pendants or charms. However, there are many custom name necklaces and initial necklaces that utilise beautiful chains as their necklace. In the case of personalised chain necklaces, the cost will increase because of the extra time, effort and materials used to create your custom piece. Our personalised name necklaces use a variety of chain styles, and we have plans to produce more in your favourite chain styles. For a flavour of our styles, we have our:


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