It's the most wonderful time of the year! Well, it's almost December and that means it's time for a round-up of the best Christmas gift ideas for 2021. We love discovering new products and seeing the latest trends in fashion throughout the winter period. Today, we are going to share our top Xmas gift picks for a year where we all deserve a few treats.

Gift Ideas for Christmas 2021

We've tried to choose Christmas gifts with a variety of people in mind. Plus, we've added options for low cost and more luxury brands. So you can be inspired on any budget.


Edible Christmas Gifts 2021

Sweet Treats and Edible Gifts

A classic stocking filler, sweet treats, chocolates and savoury snacks are always welcome this time of the year. There are countless options to choose from and you will always be able to find something in this section for friends or family. Edible gifts are also the perfect option if you don't know the recipient very well, such as a colleague or neighbour.

For low-cost options, find brands that do amazing packing that makes even a small treat look super luxurious.

  • Mini Chocolate Collection from Bullion Chocolate Makers in Sheffield - Their luxury branding will make your mini stocking stuffers stand out.
  • Artisan Cheeses from the Cheese Market - If your friend is more of a cheese fiend, a unique and tasty cheese can make a unique stocking stuffer. If it's a particularly stinky one, just make sure it's double wrapped!
  • Mini booze bottles - Supermarkets up and down the country will be stocking minute gift sets for Christmas. While they may not be the most unique gifts, anyone will appreciate their favourite tipple on Christmas this year.

For a bit more luxurious option, why not make it into an experience with an edible theme. We love these options.


Tech Christmas Gifts 2021 - Vinyl Turntable

Tech Presents

Technology gifts frequently seem to be the most expensive option for presents. But, it doesn't have to be that way. There are plenty of cool gadgets and gizmos that make affordable but fun gifts. And of course, there are plenty of more expensive items that may be the perfect gift you are looking for.

  • Water Straw - A simple gift for the outdoor adventurer in your life. They'll never have to worry about getting fresh water on their next hike.
  • CD, tape or vinyl of their favourite musician - When we can download or stream every piece of music at the drop of a hat, a physical copy of music can feel like a more thoughtful gift. Finding a rare copy of an older artist can be hard to find but frequently affordable if you scour eBay, record stores or places such as Facebook Marketplace.
  • Turntables from Richer Sounds - A supreme treat for the vinyl fan in your life. Bonus points for choosing a vinyl record to go with the turntable.
  • Handheld Massagers- A wonderful gift for the sporty and gym loving people in your life. But also for anyone that suffers from aches and pains. A handheld massage gun will allow them to relieve and soothe pains from the comfort of home.
  • Biolite Campstove 2 Complete Cook Kit - An amazing bit of kit for camping or day trips to the beach. This camp stove turns fire into electricity for a portable campfire that can cook your meals and charge devices at the same time.


personalised name necklace jewellery gift ideas

Fashion, Beauty & Jewellery Christmas Gifts

Not always the easiest gifts to choose, but always lovely to receive. Fashion and beauty items are very much dependent on the recipient style and needs. Here is a selection of options that will be suitable for a wide variety of fashionistas and beauty lovers.

  • A classic pair of hoop earrings - Affordable, beautiful and can be worn every day. A pair of earrings make a great gift that can be worn any time of the year with any outfit. Some of our favourites for this season include Classic Gold Filled Hoops, simple Silver Huggie Earrings and these small hoop earrings the Isla Interlocking Hoops. 
  • Scarves - While this is a classic present, it's not overdone. Select a scarf in an unusual size, shape or pattern to keep this gift fresh. If you get a chance to riffle through their current scarf collection, you can see where they are missing a particular style.
  • A lovely shade of lippy. A good quality lipstick is a simple but sophisticated gift option that doesn't need to cost the world. The same can be applied to all beauty gifts, a nail polish, mascara or small eyeshadow palette can be a thoughtful gift without breaking the bank.

For a few higher-end Christmas gifts in the fashion and beauty section, we love the look of these options.

  • Personalised Jewellery - While we don't consider ourselves luxurious in price, we do in quality. Our personalised jewellery collection is the perfect place for luxurious jewellery gifts without the expensive price tag. We provide a wide variety of options, including; personalised name necklaces, personalised world language necklaces, custom initial necklaces, customised anklets, birthstone necklaces and rings, plus name bracelets for women.
  • Evolve Beauty Happy Heroes Advent Calendar - This stunning set of beauty products is a fun gift for Christmas, or perfect for those November/December babies. They can open a new product for the 12 days of Christmas.


home decor gifts

Home Decor & Furniture

A Christmas gift list wouldn't be complete without sharing some stunning home decor items. As it's where PRYA is based, we've chosen some of our favourite Sheffield makers for this section. All of which deliver throughout the UK so don't worry if you don't live nearby.

  • The Sheffield Candle Company - These candles are some of the best scents we've smelt and are made from soy wax, an eco-friendly alternative to paraffin wax. We think the Christmas Kitchen candle makes a cosy winter gift.
  • Prints & Art at Moonko - There are countless artists and designers in Sheffield creating beautiful art prints for all occasions. Moonko is just one independent retailer that features these amazing artists.
  • The Natural Bed Company quilts - A bedspread or quilt is a beautiful item to gift and the range at The Natural Bed Company is exquisite. I'd opt for a fluffy one, just for the extra cosiness. 🙂
  • Furniture from Stone the Crows - If you are wanting to gift a furniture item, Stone the crows offers lots of beautiful furniture in many different styles. A desktop for a new student, a dressing up table for the makeup perfectionist, or a beautiful bookcase for the avid reader. There are lots of stunning options that make wonderful gifts.


Gifting in 2021

We hope you've enjoyed reading our Christmas shopping breakdown. If you gift any jewellery from PRYA this year, we'd love to see your friends and family wearing them, so please tag us on Instagram to share their reactions. Read more gift guides from our collection.