As it’s no doubt clear, we love personalised jewellery at PRYA and birthstone rings for women is one customised piece we can’t get enough of. Our Birthstone Ring Gold and Birthstone Ring Silver are two firm favourites. So, we wanted to do a spotlight piece on the different birthstone ring gems for your specific birth month.

Month Birthstone Rings for Women

Each of our birthstone rings for women features a high-quality cubic zirconia crystal in its associated colourings. The jewel is bezel set into a simple, adjustable band ring in either gold or silver. The crystal clear colour and sparkle of the gems will add a hint of shine to any outfit. Each birthstone ring has its own symbolism and colourway style which we’ve listed below.

Which birthstone ring is the right one for you?

Birthstone rings for January

For our January girls, Garnet is the birth month stone. It is a deep red gem with brown and orange reflections. Garnet represents constancy and loyalty. This birthstone ring should remind you to keep your feet firmly on the ground and trust in your family and friends.

Birthstone rings for February

February’s birthstone ring features amethyst. It’s a light purple with a pale, cool hue. Amethyst has been associated with sincerity and peace. Purples have long been connected to royalty, so a birthstone ring is perfect for our February queens.

Birthstone rings for March

Aquamarine is the birthstone jewel for March. This gemstone has a brilliant blue colour with lots of sparkles. It reminds us of a clear sky in daylight with a smattering of clouds. This birthstone is linked to courage and health, helping you feel empowered with your choice of jewellery and style.

Silver Birthstone Rings For Women


Birthstone rings for April

April keeps it simple and classy with diamonds. Representative of innocence and love, you’ll love our birthstone ring for April as it utilises crystal clear cubic zirconia. CZ are an ethical alternative to diamonds and are much more affordable without compromising on beauty. Diamonds may be “a girl's best friend”, but cubic zirconia is your purse’s.

Birthstone rings for May

May has the vintage glam of a glowing green emerald for its birthstone. This gorgeous green is associated with happiness and fertility. But, no doubt when you wear it, you might invoke some jealousy from a green-eyed monster because this birthstone ring is simply stunning.

Birthstone rings for June

June’s traditional birthstone is pearl. With its shimmering, iridescent, creamy, pinky-white, this is another beautiful, classic gem. The pearl represents purity and friendship. Plus, pearls are a major trend in 2022, so our June babies are in peak style.

Birthstone rings for July

Ruby is the birthstone of July with a bright, pinky-red that’s all about love and beauty. We love the gorgeous colour of our ruby birthstone ring. In either silver or gold, it’s got a great mix of contemporary and traditional, while being ultra-feminine but not super girly. We think it’s perfectly balanced.


Gold Birthstone Rings For Women


Birthstone rings for August

The August birthstone is probably the least well known. Peridot has an olive green appearance with colour flecks of brown and gold. It’s associated with protection and felicity. Felicity means great happiness so we are sure our August ladies will be super happy with this birthstone ring.

Birthstone rings for September

Sapphire is for September and has a beautiful, deep blue hue. Blue has been long associated with calmness and wisdom. Our cool September women can keep their wits about them and wear their birth month ring to remind them of their calm, collected nature.

Birthstone rings for October

October’s birthstone ring uses Opal which is famed for its unique beauty. Opal is semi-transparent and shows many small points of shifting colour against a pale or dark ground. Our opal birthstone ring for October features a shimmering, semi-translucent pale gem. It represents balance and endurance, which makes sense as these gems were formed millions of years ago. Talk about in it for the long haul.

Birthstone rings for November

The birthstone for November is Topaz. These stunning gemstones come in many different hues from blue to yellow. At PRYA, we’ve chosen stunning golden browns for our birthstone ring. Topaz is associated with friendship and strength. Ideal as a birthday present for your November born best mate.

Birthstone rings for December

Lastly, the December birthstone is the cool blue Turquoise speckled with its signature dark lines. Turquoise is linked to prosperity, protection and spirituality. This stunning, unique gem has a remarkable colour style and will add a hint of fun to any outfit.


Birthstone for each month

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So, did you learn your birthstone and what it means? We hope so. If you want to look through our birthstone rings, select either silver or gold to get started. Of course, you don’t have to buy your exact birthstone just because you’re born in that month. If you’re a January babe but love green, then why not buy yourself the May birthstone ring. The choice is yours. If you want to learn more, read our article on Birthstone jewellery: A trend.