Nameplate necklaces have seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years, but are nameplate necklaces in style or are they common as muck? The answer is clear, they are super on-trend and their countless designs make them a stylish jewellery piece no matter your personal look. Read on to find out why these gorgeous name necklaces are top of the pick when it comes to fits.

What is a Nameplate Necklace?

First, let’s explain what exactly is a nameplate necklace. There are several different types but essentially a nameplate necklace is any name necklace or word necklace. As long as the necklace is featuring a name, it can be counted as a nameplate necklace. But, there are a few common design types that may be more suited to your wardrobe.

The classic nameplate necklace usually features a suspended rectangle that has your chosen name engraved on it. The pendant can be strung between the two sides of the chain or could attach to a single chain with a necklace bail. A more modern take on the nameplate necklace is using cut out lettering to create the name. This nameplate is then suspended between the two chains on a necklace. This design can also be applied in several different ways, including suspending the letters individually, hanging from the chain, or doubling the lines to showcase two names one on top of the other. Jewellery designers are constantly finding new ways to showcase names on necklaces.

Are Nameplate Necklaces in Style?

Nameplate necklaces are very much in style. Personalised jewellery as a whole is on-trend at the moment. It provides the wearer with a unique piece of jewellery that is distinct to them. Any word, name or acronym can be chosen and for any reason. The most common choice is your own name, but many will choose nicknames, a loved one’s name, a place they love or a memorable word that means something special to the wearer.

Nameplate necklaces are also in style because there are countless options to choose from. Different lettering styles, materials, decorations and structures allow this piece of personalised jewellery to be designed exactly as you would like. In a world of big box stores, personalised jewellery offers you a unique fashion choice. This customizability is the reason nameplate necklaces are in style and a top trend of 2022.

Shop Different Nameplate Necklace Styles

If you’d like to find the right nameplate necklace type for you, here are the most popular styles of necklaces in our name necklace collection.

Stylish nameplate necklace - zodiac name necklace

Tablet Nameplate Necklace

The classic nameplate necklace is stylish and elegant. Our Engraved Bar Necklace is the perfect example of this classic look. It has a simple link chain that has a solid rectangular bar suspended between it. On the plate is your chosen word, engraved with precision and finished with care. You can select up to 30 characters making it one of our most versatile name necklaces. If you like the look of the engraved nameplates, but want something with more pizazz, the Custom Bar Necklace may be right for you. It features an elongated cuboid that dangles from the necklace chain. On each edge of the cuboid, a name can be engraved which means you can choose up to four names to show off. It’s definitely a unique piece which is very versatile.

Nameplate Lettering Necklace

Our most popular nameplate necklaces, and certainly the most in-style at the moment, are lettered nameplate necklaces. We have over thirty name necklaces in our collection all with their own unique font and typography. Some have a chunky, bold lettering style like our Action Custom Name Necklace or Old English Zodiac Name Necklace. Other necklaces feature a more cursive swirly font, like the beautiful Milan Name Necklace or the dainty Valencia Custom Name Necklace.

We also have created many world language name necklaces which are incredibly on-trend at the moment. We love our Arabic Name Necklace, Chinese Name Necklace, Japanese Horizontal Name Necklace, Japanese Vertical Name Necklace, Korean Name Necklace, and Hindi Name Necklace.

The majority of these designs are recreated in our name anklet and name bracelet collection. We are growing these sections weekly, so check back if you can’t find the perfect match today.

Unique Designs for Name Necklace

At PRYA, we also offer several unique design styles for nameplate necklaces. We adore our suspended name necklace designs which offer a distinctive look and lots of movement. Our range includes our classic Suspended Custom Name Necklace, ICY Suspended Name Necklace and our Old English Name Necklace. We’ve also created double name necklaces like our Heart Double Name Necklace and Double Heart Name Necklace. If you like the quirk of this icon style but aren’t really into hearts, our Paris Custom Name Necklace features a crown atop your name. Perfect for you queen. These are just some of the fun little tweaks we’ve made to our nameplate necklace designs over the last few years.

Shop with PRYA for Nameplate Necklaces

We love creating new designs for our name necklace collection, as well as the rest of our personalised name jewellery range. If you love our look, check out the New In section for the latest designs, or head on over to Instagram to see how you can wear it best.