The bracelet is probably one of the most underrated pieces of woman's jewellery in her wardrobe. We can't understand why really. Like our other jewellery items, we put the same amount of passion into the designing and crafting of our bracelets. Bracelets for woman are greatly varied in styles and sizes so there is something for everyone. They can be casual or more dressy. Pair great with other pieces of jewellery but a gorgeous piece can stand alone and look amazing. Whatever your fashion style, there is definitely a bracelet for you. Today we've selected our favourite women's bracelets, from bestsellers to all-time design favourites.


Bracelet Styles for Women

First, let's give a little breakdown of some of the different styles of bracelets. Though all are beautiful, each has its own benefits and design effects.

  • Bangle Bracelet - Easily stacked with other bracelets, the bangle is a ridge circular bracelet that you simply slide over your wrist. They are great for stacking and are simple to put on and take off. But they tend to be smaller in size so can be difficult to get one that fits if you have wider wrists or palms.
  • Chain Bracelets - Attached by a clasp or fastening at each end, the chain bracelet is flexible and comes in a large variety of styles. Some have pendants and charms, while others focus on the chain for their look. Though relatively easy to put on, some people find them harder as they need a little bit of flexibility and dexterity if you are trying to attach them on your own.
  • Cuff Bracelets - These are a bangle style but with an open back which provides more flexibility for placing on your arm. They come in a wide variety of designs but often feature a wider band
  • Tennis Bracelets or Gem Bangle - These jewel-encrusted bracelets are usually seen worn with formal wear (though they actually come from the sport tennis, hence the name.) and usually feature a watch band clasp. The fastening allows them to sit flush against the skin and create a more streamlined look than chain bracelets with trigger clasp.

There are certainly variations on these styles but these generally cover the different fastening and band types you will see most commonly.


Our Favourite Women's Bracelets

We love to design and craft beautiful bracelets that our customers will treasure for years to come. Here are some of our personal favourites as well as our best sellers.


Roman Bracelet Collection

Our Roman Bracelet selection is one of our favourite collections. It features our Numeral Bracelet, Rome Bracelet and Empress Bracelet. Each bracelet is a unique style of bangle, featuring solid designs, cutouts and gemstones. They are all tied together by the Roman Numerals they share. The collection was made to be worn together, stacked on one arm. But if you love one in particular they look just as good as a single bracelet.


Chain Style Bracelets

Chain styled bracelets for women can focus primarily on the look of the chain or use the chain as the base with the focus on other design elements like pendants and charms. Our Cuban Chain Bracelet is a great example of allowing the chain to do all the talking. It's chunky, textured and catches the eye. Anything design you see in our necklace Chains for women can be translated into a bracelet to add that chunky edge to any outfit. On the other side of the chain bracelet, is the charm and pendant side. We feature single charm bracelets, like our delicate Feather Bracelet but also more ornate charm bracelets like our Lila Horus Eye Bracelet or the Hands of Hamsa Bracelet.


Baguette Cubic Zirconia Bracelets

If you're looking for that added layer of luxury, our Baguette Bracelets are the ideal choice. In the style of a Cuff, Tennis bracelet, our Cubic Zirconia Bracelets provide a bright and beautiful sparkle to any outfit. We offer both silver and gold varieties and a thin and thick-cut option. Add this bracelet to your everyday look to instantly elevate your style.


Personalised Bracelet

Of course, we couldn't go without naming our specialist personalisation service. Our Miami Custom Name Bracelet is our signature personalised bracelet. Crafted from robust stainless steel and plated in either 18K gold, Rose Gold or Silver Sterling, this unique jewellery item will sparkle for years. The Miami font name sits suspended between two delicate, link chains. They are fastened using a traditional trigger clasp and have an extender so you can easily adjust the length of the bracelet. Like all of our personalised items, it can take between 2 - 4 weeks to make, so order early, especially if it's a jewellery gift for a friend.


Browse Women's Bracelets

The items above are just a fraction of the designs we offer. Browse the rest of our bracelet range, or check out our chains and necklaces if you prefer. This article is part of a series, so if you are interested you can check out our other blogs, Our Favourite Silver Chains for Women and Our Favourite Gold Chains For Women here.