It’s January, it’s 2022, which means many of us will be heading to the gym or park as part of our new year resolutions. If you’re ready to hit the gym, you may wonder what jewellery to wear while working out. We are here to give you our expert advice on wearing jewellery to the gym. Plus, which jewellery pieces will be safest yet still stylish.

Dangers of Wearing Jewellery At The Gym

Style is incredibly important to us as fashion designers and retailers, but safety should always come first. Here are some of the dangers to consider if you plan to wear jewellery to the gym.

Getting caught on equipment

This is probably the most common concern gym users have when wearing jewellery while working out. You risk damaging jewellery, and more importantly your body if a piece of jewellery gets trapped in a piece of gym equipment. Dangling earrings, necklaces and even bracelets can get caught on gym gear and be ripped off your body. This could tear your skin, bruise you, or worst choke you. It sounds dramatic, but you can seriously hurt yourself if you don’t take care.


Some people are allergic to metals in jewellery, especially nickel, a common element in jewellery. If you have this allergy you should always check that the jewellery you buy does not contain this metal. Even if you haven’t been shown to be allergic, mixing certain metals with water or sweat can create the perfect environment for a reaction. The best thing to do is not wear this jewellery at all. Or if you notice a reaction after a gym visit or a swim in the pool, it’s best to avoid sporting that piece altogether.

Tarnishing Jewellery

Though it’s unlikely to hurt you, some jewellery can become tarnished when mixed with water or sweat. It can leave brown or green marks on your skin, and even stain clothing. The best way to avoid this at the gym is to purchase quality jewellery. This green staining, while sometimes a natural reaction, is often caused by poorer quality metals and alloys. At PRYA, the majority of our jewellery is tarnish-free, water-resistant and made from the highest quality materials. You’ll never have to worry about damaging the look of your PRYA jewellery pieces when working out.

Safest gym jewellery

Best Jewellery to Wear to the Gym

If you go to the gym, chances are you are doing this before or after work or during the weekend. With a busy schedule, you’ll want to make changing as quick as possible. So the type of jewellery you wear should be borne in mind when picking your outfit for the day. Plus, as in the section above, you’ll want to choose the safest option.


Huggies Earrings and Studs

While our general advice is to remove earrings before a workout, the best options are the smallest. Huggies and studs are by far the most suitable choice here. These earring styles are less likely to get caught on equipment or hair. Plus, they will not get in the way when arm movement is likely to surround your head, such as doing shoulder presses or overhead stretches. They are also the ideal earring option for work so the transition from suit to sportswear will be swift.

thin snake choker chain in gold

Women's Chains & Chokers

Long necklaces could easily get caught in your hand or kit. If you’d like to wear a necklace, choose a chain necklace that is choker length. This will keep the chain close to your body meaning it is less likely to snag. As this style tends to be simple with less adornment, you’re unlikely to catch it on equipment either. Most chains, whether gold or silver, are made of robust materials so are unlikely to bend or tarnish. This makes them a great option for a heavy, sweaty workout.

Women’s Signet Rings & Bands

You’d be surprised how many rings can get caught on even the smallest of edges. If you wear rings to the gym, opt for a plain band or a plain-faced signet ring. If you have gems, intricate designs or a mount that sticks out too far, you can easily catch it. However, a plain ring is not completely safe and could still catch. Ensure your ring fits your finger snuggly to limit this risk. Alternative, remove rings when working with gym machinery where the risk is greater.

Clara watch bracelet in gold. A good bracelet option for working out

Watch Bracelets & Chain Anklets

Bangles, bracelets and anklets have a similar risk to catching as necklaces. You could bruise or cut your skin if your jewellery gets caught on a machine so leaving it in the locker room is the safest bet.

There are however a few styles we’d recommend that are less likely to get caught. Watch bracelets, also called a watch band, or watch belt is a bracelet style commonly seen as part of a metal watch strap, hence the name. The interlocking style of links creates a strong chain that is unlikely to break under strain. This is often worn by famous sportswomen and sportsmen, so it’s clearly a favourite amongst gym-goers.

Our Clara bracelet is an example of a watch bracelet style if you’d like to see the linking in more detail. As with necklace chains, the chunkier and the closer the better, and this applies to both bracelets as well as anklets.

Whatever style of jewellery you wear to work out, ensure it is the safest option for you. When in doubt, skip the bling altogether and keep it safe at home or in your locker.