It’s almost Easter, so if you’re looking for some easter vibes jewellery we’ve got you covered. Here are our favourite Easter jewellery ideas including traditional cross jewellery, spring-inspired florals and April birthstone jewellery.

Easter Jewellery Ideas & Themes

Each year, the date of Easter changes with the cycle of the moon. It can fall anywhere from March 22th to April 25th. This year, Easter lands on Sunday 17th April. So, here is some jewellery inspiration for this period.

Crosses & Symbols

If you didn’t know, Easter is the annual Christian celebration of Jesus Christ's resurrection and is the most important holiday in the Christian religion. Yes, even more important than Christmas. Even though not everyone celebrates it for its religious meaning, it’s still a major holiday in the UK. So, we thought we’d share some traditional jewellery inspiration that represents the holiday.

Crosses are, of course, a popular jewellery item all year round and so Easter is a good time to refresh your collection with a new style. We’ve got plenty of cross-inspired jewellery from traditional looks to more contemporary styles. A cross, or crucifix, suspended on a necklace as a pendant is a classic style. Our Bamboo Cross Necklace is a perfect example of this traditional look. It has a large gold textured cross, suspended on a gold Figaro chain. For a more detailed look, our Marie Layered Necklace offers several pendants attached to a dainty paperchain necklace. This includes a beautiful gold cross with cubic zirconia encrusted gems.

Of course, Mary, the mother of Jesus, is another symbol worn by many throughout the year, not just at Easter. Our Marie Necklace and Marie Rope Necklace are both classic styles with a choice of silver or gold metals. For something more contemporary, a ring is a more modern approach to these trad symbols. Our Maria Ring and Horizontal Cross Ring are excellent choices for a bit of glam.


Easter Jewellery Ideas: Traditional cross jewellery

Spring Inspired Jewellery Ideas

Easter is also a representation of spring as it always happens after the Spring Equinox on March 21st. Spring-inspired jewellery relies heavily on florals, colour catching gems and pastels. Here are some of our favourite jewellery pieces that will light up a look ready for the spring sun.

Florals are a must for spring and any jewellery that has flowers or plants is a great place to start. Our floral, graphic signet ring collection has some stunning options that can be worn for casual, everyday looks. Our Daisy Signet Ring and Tulip Signet Ring are the perfect choices as both these flowers have their best blooming season in April.

We also love seeing other natural elements in spring jewellery and gemstones with cool colours are great for Easter. Pearls were a big jewellery trend in winter and we can see this continuing throughout spring, and even into summer this year. We’ve got countless pieces of jewellery featuring pearl detailing. With the iridescent creamy and pinky hues, these are perfect for a classy Easter dinner. We particularly like our Poppy Pearl Earrings which can be paired with our Poppy Pearl Necklace to create a matching set.


Easter jewellery ideas - pearl detailing on jewellery


Cubic Zirconia Rings for April Birthstone

The traditional and modern birthstone for April is a diamond. However, clear cubic zirconias are the perfect ethical and affordable substitute for April babies. The clear quartz appearance of CZ is ideal for Easter jewellery as they represent clarity, light and new starts. Cubic zirconia can be used in many different pieces of jewellery including bracelets and necklaces but we love their use in rings for Easter.

A cubic zirconia ring is a great way to add sparkle to an outfit without going overboard. Plus, there is a huge variety out there to choose from. Our favourites for Easter from the PRYA ring collection include baguette style ring designs as well as some more symbolic CZ ring designs.

The Zaria, Angelica, Jada and Angelina are all stunning options for a full cubic zirconia encrusted ring. We’ve already highlighted the Horizontal Cross ring as an Easter ring option but the Crissy Silver CZ ring offers another similar option. Furthermore, our Silver Infinity Ring is the perfect inspiration for a new life with its infinity loop design. Or, match our Bamboo cross Necklace with the Ava Bamboo Ring for a matching style.


Easter jewellery ideas - April birthstone jewellery


Shop New In Spring Jewellery

Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, Easter is associated with a new start, perfect if you haven’t quite managed to hold on to your new year's resolutions. Check out our New In range to see the latest styles and trends. Or, if you’re looking for a bargain check out our Sale page for the latest discounts and clearance items.