The Figaro chain is a classic link chain style wore around the world in countless ways and styles. Today, we are going to explore the history and manufacture of Figaro chains. We'll also talk about our favourite Figaro chains for women and why this staple is here to stay.

What Is A Figaro Chain - A definition

First things first, let's define what a Figaro chain actually is. The Figaro chain is a jewellery chain design consisting of two to four small circular links followed by one elongated oval link. A popular pattern is three round links and one long link. But any number can be used, it's just important that there is are several circles followed by the oval hoop. Most Figaro chains are curb chains which mean each link lies flat against the wearer's skin.

A Very Brief History of Figaro Chains

The Figaro chain origins are not completely clear but most sources suggest that they were first designed in Italy. The story goes that Italian chain makers of the jewellery quarter named the chain after the classical operas, The Barber of Seville and The Marriage of Figaro. With Figaro being the name of the main character. These popular operas of the 18th and 19th Century were at the height of their fame at the time, so it wouldn't surprise us that they may have been used as a bit of a marketing gimmick. Chains have been used as jewellery for thousands of years, so the Figaro update was certainly not a new concept.

Our Favourite Figaro Chains For Women

Though frequently worn as a male item of jewellery, in recent years it's become a staple chain for women to wear. Whether for a formal or more casual look, Figaro chains are a great option to add to your jewellery collection. Here are some of our favourite examples of Figaro chains.

Classic Figaro Chains

Straight forward, no fuss chains for women. Our classic Figaro Chain, in both gold and silver, is the perfect example of a classic jewellery chain. We've opted for three small circular links with the elongated oval link at the end. They are a classic curb link chain, meaning they are interlinked into one another and sit flush to the chest. These chains also come in several lengths; 35cm, 40cm and 45cm, so you can choose the right fit for you. We also offer the same simple style as an anklet with our Figaro Chain Anklet.

Pendant Figaro Chains

The simple style of the Figaro chain makes it a great option to hold a more elaborate pendant. We have a large range of pendant necklaces that have their jewels suspended from a Figaro Chain. Our favourites include the classic styles as well as more modern looks. In the more traditional pendant styles, we have our Bamboo Cross and Chinese Dragon. Our latest pieces draw on more modern designs. We love our Tanya Figure pendant and Sarayay Onyx Tablet Pendant.

Anklet Figaro Chains

The flush nature of the curb chain style of a Figaro makes it an ideal chain style for anklets too. They will sit flush to the skin and not rub easily. We love our pendant style Figaro Anklets, like our ICY Lightning Bolt Anklet and ICY Initial Anklet. All of our anklets also use a simple trigger clasp making them super easy to put on and take off at the end of the day.

Personalised Figaro Chains

Our list of favourites wouldn't be complete without mentioning some of our beautiful personalised Figaro chain necklaces and anklets. We are famous for creating custom jewellery pieces and the Figaro is the ideal chain for these stunning styles. We offer personalised initial necklaces, initial anklets and suspended letter Anklet designs.

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We hope you've enjoyed reading about the unique Figaro chain. But we know the Figaro isn't for everyone, so check out our full range of chains for women here. We offer curb chain, classic link, snake chain, rope designs, herringbone, box chain and many more. If you are looking for more custom necklace and chain designs, head on over to our personalised shop section. And, if you are looking for the latest trends and styles, see what's new in-store today. Whatever your style, we've got something for everyone.