Who says signet rings are just for men. Signet rings for women are just as common now and are one of our favourite jewellery trends that appears to be here to stay. There is a large array of signet ring styles these days from the classic to the quirky. Here's our take on signet rings for women and the best ones out there.

Signet rings for women

You might not believe it but signet rings date back to at least 3500BC! Originally signet rings were etched with a family crest and were used to stamp or sign a document. A wax or clay piece would be added to the document and the signer would use the ring to stamp their seal of approval. Only used by the most wealthy of families and those in positions of power, the signet ring has long been associated with luxury. As it was usually men who were signing the document, signet rings have frequently been associated with male jewellery lines. Though it should be noted there were many female heads of the family that used them too. Now that the tradition of marking documents with a seal has since passed, signet rings are now worn as purely decorative or to signify you belong to a certain club. With this in mind, signet rings for women have become increasingly popular in the 21st century. Worn as fashionable items, we love that signet rings can be worn by both men and women. Here are some of our best signet rings.

Our Signet Rings for Women

The best signet rings for women - Classic Signet Rings for women

Classic Signet Rings for Women

Our classic signet ring, it's the defining shape for this style of ring. Available in both silver and gold, these signet rings have that traditional masculine style with a feminine edge. With a plain central band, this understated piece is a great addition to any outfit.

The best signet rings for women - two piece signet ring

Skyla Signet Rings

Delicate, minimalist half circle rings, the elegant Skyla signet ring can be worn in several ways:

  • You can wear both pieces together to form a split circle signet ring of the sun and moon
  • Wear separately on different fingers to form the 'yin and yang' of day and night
  • Gift one half to a friend to embrace your friendship.

The Skyla comes in both silver and gold.

The best signet rings for women - Starlight signet ring

Starlight Signet Ring

An understated stylish piece, our Starlight signet ring will quickly become a favourite staple piece. Featuring a detailed starlight design with a pave set Cubic Zirconia stone in the centre, this signet ring for women is a showstopper. The unique star inset harks back to traditional signet ring seals.

The best signet rings for women - Chiara Chain Signet Ring

Chiara Chain Ring

If you'd like to nod to its predecessor, the Chiara Chain Ring is the signet ring for you. With an understated plain face and a chunky chain band, this ring balances both masculine and feminine energies. As with all our jewellery, it's tarnish-free and water-resistant, so you'll enjoy it for years to come.


Which is the Correct Finger for a Women’s Signet Ring?

As historical signet rings were worn primarily by men, women can afford to break the rules and wear signet rings however they'd like. Traditionally, men's signet rings were worn on the pinkie (little) finger. They were worn on the non-dominant hand as well. So if you are right-handed you will wear it on your left hand and vice versa. Another traditional jewellery rule is that women should not add a ring to their fourth finger on either hand. This is because this is 'reserved' for an engagement and wedding ring. This shouldn't put you off though. Rules are made to be broken. Wear your signet ring on whichever finger you want and even stack them up.

What is my signet ring size?

Most of our rings come in several different sizes. If you are not sure which size to choose for your signet ring, we can help you choose. Read all about how to measure your ring size on our blog.


How to wear multiple rings?

You don't have to stick to just wearing one ring. Your body your style. Read our Article on how to wear rings on multiple fingers for all the different styles you can choose from. 

Choose my signet ring

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