Summer is just around the corner and it's the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe both for clothing and for jewellery. It's time to ditch the cosy comforts of the winter months and start creating your new outfits for the season. Here are our favourite summer jewellery trends for 2021 that you can pair with your wardrobe to create the coolest looks for the, hopefully, hottest summer.


Summer Jewellery Trends 2021: Colour blocking with the katia earrings

Colour Blocking

Summer is all about colour. The flowers are in bloom and the sun is shining. This summer we are going to see a lot of colour blocking in fashion with bold statement pieces featuring a stunning single colour against a neutral backdrop. We'll also see colour shading, with blocks of colour created through different clothing pieces in the same shade family. This trend has come back time and time again but this year we are seeing a combo of 90s outfits created from 70s styles. Our Saraya Emerald Tablet Necklace is a great example, mixing a classic tablet-shaped pendant suspended on a chain with the inlay of a trendy emerald striped gem. We also love our Katia Earrings in Blue and Emerald. They blend the jewel-toned colours of the 90s with a classically shaped 70s hoop. Great for both day and night.


Summer Jewellery Trends 2021: Floral Designs Example - Tulip Ring


Floral Designs

Floral designs are nothing new for summer days but we've definitely seen a move to include Cottagecore styles and more maximalist elements in 2021. Bold colours and definitive outlines of flowers are a must. Geometric but classy is the look. Our Tulip and Daisy signet rings are a good example of the type of styles we expect to see reflected in dresses, tops and other accessories. If you prefer a more subtle look, there is also a more minimalist style that still uses strong floral outlines but focuses on the shapes. This takes the geometric style but it's more reliant on the neutral colours for a more formal look. The Faith Four Leaf Clover Necklace is a case in point. Combining the classic shape of the clover but in a sleek setting.


Summer Jewellery Trends 2021: Half Hoop earrings


Half Hoop Earrings

This is one of our favourite trends for jewellery in 2021. The half-hoop earring. While the classic full hoop, big or small, is a staple in any wardrobe, the half-hoop is a variation that is a great option for anyone that finds full hoops uncomfortable to wear all day. The half-hoop is a lot lighter and tends to come in a daintier size. They are great to wear to work, especially if you have an active job or need to use the phone a lot. There is however just as many styles and textures as classic gold hoop earrings so you will definitely find a pair that you love. Some of our favourite half-hoop earrings include:


Summer Jewellery Trends 2021 : Back to black trend example -  Onxy Heart hoop earrings

Back to Black

It doesn't matter what time of the year it is, we'll always look at the latest fashion trends that boldly use black. This summer is no different and we are seeing lots of classic jewellery styles but with deep, dark blacks as the focal point. Many of the pieces we've created in our collection feature chunky chains and metalwork. The Onyx gems we use are a stunning, luxurious addition that will certainly turn heads. Our Lousia Onyx Heart Earrings follow the back to black trend but also another one, the half hoop earring. The Diana Onyx Tablet Chain Earrings are another gorgeous pair of black gem earrings but also feature a bold drop chain. Necklace chains also feature large onyx pendants, like our Saraya Necklace and Amelia Necklace. We love our full collection but if you want just one piece then the Lani Onyx Oval Signet Ring is a perfect choice.


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