There’s nothing worse than adding that finishing touch to your perfectly curated outfit, only to realise the necklace you want is tangled beyond recognition. Fear not, we are going to show you some simple steps on how to untangle a necklace in no time at all.


How To Untangle a pendant necklaces


Step By Step: How to untangle a necklace

The first thing to do when it comes to untangling your necklace is to find a flat surface to place your necklace on. Ideally, it should be a plain, sturdy surface that is not going move and you should be able to see the necklace clearly on it. Unclasp the necklace if it is currently closed. If it is several necklaces you are dealing with, make sure their clasps are all open too. This will make it easier to detangle your necklace(s). Spread out the necklace on the surface you’ve chosen and inspect the knots and tangles that are causing the issue.

Select Your Tool of Choice

You can try and untangle the necklace with your fingers, but we’ve found it’s much easier to use a few tools that you can find around the house. A safety pin or needle works best for unthreaded tangled chains especially if they are very delicate or thin. For larger chains, a hairpin can be used to keep knots stretched open whilst you thread the rest of the chain through the gap. Make sure you grip the tools firmly but don’t pull on the necklace too hard. The tools are there to help you slowly pull the tangles apart. If you are too heavy-handed you run the risk of breaking the jewellery beyond repair or even causing the knot to bind further.

Choose a Lubricant To Help

If you are finding it difficult to spread the knots out with just your tools, try opting for some lubrication. Ordinarily, you wouldn’t use anything on your jewellery as to avoid tarnishes, but using a natural and neutral product runs only a small risk. You can use baby powder or talc on very delicate necklace chains to provide a little bit of extra grip for your fingers while also allowing more movement for the chain. Start at the centre of the knot and work it slowly outwards. If your efforts result in more tangles, you could try to use a more slippery lubricant such as an oil. Add just a small amount of neutral oil to the chain and massage it in. You should now be able to manipulate the chain to free itself. Another recommendation is to use a glass cleaner as it has a slight viscosity that will ease a chain out of its knots. But before you try this, we would recommend the oil or baby powder as they run less risk of damaging your jewellery. If you do use a glass cleaner, ensure it is non-toxic and non-corrosive.

Stay Calm and Persevere 

You’ll likely find a necklace in a tangle while you are about to rush out the door and are already late for your date, but don’t panic. The more you rush the more likely you are to get your necklace in to even more of a twist. Take your time, relax and follow the steps above to get that necklace tangle-free ASAP. 

Don’t forget to clean up 

If you have used some sort of lubricant, it is very important that you clean up the necklace as soon as you have it knot-free. If you leave any residue on your jewellery, you could end up tarnishing the piece. Using a soft, lint-free cloth wipe your jewellery down and only use a mild soap if absolutely necessary. Make sure you always properly clean your jewellery for storage.

How to Prevent a Tangled Necklace

Of course, prevention is the best cure, so here are a few tips to avoid getting your necklaces in a tangle.


Collection of necklaces

Close the clasp

A small and simple rule, any time you take a necklace off that has a clasp, make sure to reattach it to the other end of the chain. This will make a tangle much less likely. 

Always hang them up

The easiest way to store necklaces without the risk of a mess is to hang each one individually. This could be either using a necklace tree or necklace storage box. Our luxury PRYA jewellery boxes make the perfect storage for your necklaces. Using hooks near your dressing table or mirror can keep them close by as well as tangle-free. If you must lay them down in a jewellery box, then ensure that you only put one necklace in one compartment. 

Store them well for travelling

If you plan to travel with jewellery, make sure you keep necklaces tangle-free with a jewellery bag or box that will keep them safe and secure on the move. Ideally, you should use the display case your jewellery came in as this will provide the perfect protection for that item. At PRYA, we package our personalised necklaces in our own deluxe display case so you can safely take all your favourite pieces on your travels or opt for our luxury jewellery boxes for peace of mind when travelling with your jewellery.  Read more about how to store jewellery.

How to Untangle Necklaces - A Summary

How to untangle a necklace in five easy steps:

  1. Unclasp your necklace(s) and spread them out on a clean and sturdy surface
  2. Use needles, safety pins or hairpins when needed to hold the necklace and ease out knots
  3. Use lubricant but only when absolutely necessary
  4. Take your time and slowly work the knots out. Don’t rush the process.
  5. Clean up afterwards, making sure your necklaces are free of grime, and put them away carefully to reduce tangles in the future.

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