When you love jewellery it can be hard to keep a handle on the organisation of your go-to pieces. So we have put together our comprehensive list of how to store jewellery so you can keep your favourite pieces near, at hand and tangle-free. We’ve provided a selection of options for every budget and style.

The best ways to store jewellery

Each jewellery piece needs unique care and each type of jewellery needs to be stored correctly. How you store your jewellery can protect each piece from becoming tangled or tarnished and can ensure you are getting the most out of your collection.

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Necklace Storage

Necklaces can be difficult to store and probably the most problematic when it comes to tangling potential.  If you are forever getting your chains in a twist you should try out some of these options.

Hanging up necklaces is by far the most effective way of keeping your chains in order. You can simply use command hooks near your dressing table to store your necklaces. It’s a simple solution but may not be the most attractive. If you want to make more of a feature of your necklaces, then choose some metal hooks screwed into either a wall or piece of wood that can be mounted on the wall. Some people use decorative door handles, which can be easily selected to match your decor and they make storing your necklaces very quick.

If screwing into a wall is not an option or you’re not keen on power tools, then store your necklaces in drawers and boxes. The most important thing to remember is that each necklace needs its own section. Not only will this make it easier to find items, but you also won’t run the risk of tangling your chains up. Use thin trays in a shallow drawer to showcase your items.  If you don’t have much space, you can use small jars to store individual necklaces and stack them in deeper drawers or cupboards.

If you are not the DIY type, why not pick up a PRYA luxury leather jewellery box to hook your necklaces. These boxes can sit on a bedside cabinet or shelf and are the perfect place to store necklaces. And If all else fails, we do have an article on how to untangle your necklace.

Bracelets and Anklet storage

Bracelets and anklets that have a locking mechanism can face similar tangle issues as with necklaces so the options above would be good for these items too. As smaller pieces, you can fit a lot more into compartments. But we think there are some more impressive ways to display your bracelets, bangles and anklets.

Stacking works particularly well for bangles, especially if they are the chunky kind. Depending on how many you have, you can use any tall thin decorative item to stack your bracelets over. Vases, candles or bottles are everyday items you can use to stack your bangles without spending a penny.

A traditional velvet bracelet holder is great for those that have lots of beautiful bracelets they’d like to display all the time. The soft velvet holder protects jewellery from damage and you can purchase both small and larger options for your collection. One of the downsides of these types of holders is you have to slide most of the bracelets off to get to ones in the middle, especially if they are non-locking ones.

Store Rings

Rings are the easiest piece of jewellery to store. Most rings can be stored together in a larger container as they won’t tangle but you might want to keep silver pieces separate from others to ensure they don’t tarnish. A ceramic egg holder is an elegant and simple way to keep all your rings on display but in their own separate area. 

If you want to show off your rings in more of a display, then our PRYA luxury jewellery boxes will work on any dressing table. Not only will it protect your rings with soft cushioned rolls, but it is also easy to find the right one as the decorative part of the ring faces upwards. You can also use a ring tray with a cylinder to stack rings. Just like bangles, this is a good option for large chunky pieces that you want to show off. This is also a good way to keep your rings organised on a nightstand if you only just remembered to take them off once snuggled in bed.

Storing earrings 

Earrings can be the most difficult to store as they come in such a variety of styles. Dangly earrings normally have hooks, hoops clip into place, while studs just have pin backs. These different combinations make storing all your earrings together a bit of a pain.

Like your rings, using a small container for an individual pair of earrings will keep organisation simple. It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing but an ice cube tray can be used in a drawer to corral small earrings and studs together. 

If you want to keep all your earrings together or on display, you could use the PRYA jewellery box, this will allow you to gentle push in your studs and dangly earrings but also store your clasp earrings in the compartment section of the box.

A mesh message board that allows you to hook your earrings on to the holes will allow you to display them out in the open, but it can be harder to find a mesh that will allow for studs to sit comfortably without falling out. A custom earring holding is going to be the best option if you have lots of styles to cater for and they come in a huge array of materials and styles so if you are the queen of earrings, you should invest in something to showcase your collection. 

PRYA Jewellery holder

Keep your jewellery stored safely

When we design and create our jewellery pieces we hope they will bring joy to our customers for years to come. Keeping your jewellery properly clean and stored in the right way will ensure your jewellery lasts. You can, of course, keep your jewellery in its original packaging. Here at PRYA, we offer jewellery boxes to best store your jewellery. We also provide a deluxe display case for all our personalised items. It comes with a clear film so you always know what’s inside. We think it’s the perfect way to show off your personalised piece while keeping it safe.  If you’d like to add some more pieces to your treasury of jewellery, then check out our collections.


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