We’re here today with another look at a popular trend in the jewellery world in 2021, colourful Cubic Zirconia jewellery. Cubic Zirconia has long been used as an affordable alternative to diamonds. But, in recent decades we’ve seen it transformed into colourful gems as an option to replace costly and rare gemstones. We love its shine, colour and cost. So, we wanted to showcase why this colourful Cubic Zirconia trend is popular now and here to stay.

Why Cubic Zirconia Jewellery Is So Popular

Discovered in the 19th Century, Cubic Zirconia, or CZ for short, is an amazing gemstone that is often used instead of diamonds. While it does occur naturally, almost all CZ you’ll see in the stores today are man-made. Because of its association as an alternative diamond, Cubic Zirconia is also known as diamond simulate, synthetic diamond, or faux diamond. In its natural state, it is a colourless gem, but, it can be manufactured in a way to produce countless other colours. This makes it a great alternative, not just to diamonds but also to many other natural gemstones and rare rocks.

CZ is particularly popular because of its ability to mimic other gems at a much more affordable cost. Yet there are lots of other reasons you may choose a piece of Cubic Zirconia Jewellery.

  • It’s strong and durable, making it great for everyday wear.
  • The manufacturing process makes them a flawless gem with sparkle, while naturally occurring gems can have imperfections in them.
  • They are a more sustainable and ethical option. As they are manmade, they avoid some of the worst pitfalls of gem mining such as poor mining conditions, human rights abuses and natural habitat damage.
  • Colour and sparkle versatility means they can be worn for all occasions, in countless jewellery styles and for any outfit look.

If you prefer clear cubic zirconia, we have plenty of that too. Check out our ICY Initial Collection and ICY Butterfly Collection for the ultimate in shine. 


Colourful Cubic Zirconia necklaces


Colourful Cubic Zirconia Jewellery Trends

Whilst colourful Cubic Zirconias have been created for decades, they are currently one of the top trending jewellery items this year. That’s set to continue in 2022 with a focus on rainbow collections, bold signet rings and birthstone jewellery.


Rainbow Cubic Zirconia ring


Rainbow Coloured Rings

A mixture of colourful CZ in a rainbow collection is by far our favourite representation of this trend. We love a rainbow on any occasion, so to see jewellery with the full-colour spectrum brings lots of joy to us. We have an extensive collection of rainbow coloured Cubic Zirconia rings which we think add sparkle and fun to any party outfit. Our Elsie and Iris rainbow rings feature a beautiful array of colourful CZ on thin gold bands. If you’d like something contemporary, the Tess Ring offers the same coloured gems but set into a uniquely shaped hexagon band. For a matching style, check out our Shona collection with a rainbow coloured ring and companion ear cuff.


Colour Cubic Zirconia rings


Contrast & Power

Another style in this trend is high contrast, blog power pieces. That show-stopping jewellery that turns heads and makes you go wow! Think women’s signet rings and large pendant necklaces. These are all about going big and drawing attention to the beautiful colour of the gems. Our Callie Collection is a great example of high contrast pieces. The Callie Bracelet, Necklace and Ring all feature a Cuban chain with a stunning rectangular emerald CZ gem that really stands out. Another favourite necklace featuring emerald, but also available in ruby and rose colour, is the Leonie pendant necklace or the Alana Necklace. For a power move, check out women’s signet rings that feature bold CZ stones. We’ve recently stocked the Lana Stone Signet Ring, which comes in four different colours. Pair with large hoop earrings such as door knocker hoops, Lollie or Candi Colour Jelly Earrings for an even bolder statement.


birthstone rings with colourful cubic zirconia

Birthstone Jewellery

Lastly, the colourful Cubic Zirconia trend could not be complete without mentioning birthstone jewellery. Another trend of 2021, birthstone jewellery has often been expensive to acquire for certain birth months. The traditional birthstones feature some rare stones that can be quite expensive. Cubic Zirconia allow you to buy your birthstone jewellery more ethically while also being affordable. Our birthstone ring gold and birthstone ring silver are some of our most popular pieces at PRYA. While not created with birthstones in mind, our Gabby Heart Earrings feature several colourful Cubic Zirconias. Perfect for those who love the look but are wanting earrings.

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