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Angel Number Jewellery: How to Know what Angel Number is Yours

What is the Meaning of Each Angel Number? 

Angel Number Jewellery has been rising in popularity across the world. Zodiac signs, manifestation and angel numbers are a hot topic on Tiktok, so let's dissect what this means and how to wear them. 

Angel Numbers are repeating sequences, often used as a guide for spiritual exploration. Ranging from 000 to 999, each Angel Number has a different energy and meaning. 

But what do they each mean? Let's dive in! 


How to Know what Angel Number is Yours

111: The number of manifestations and prosperity. Wearing this number encourages you to follow your intuition. 

222: The number of alignment; you are in the right place at the right time. Wear this angel number to move forward in harmony and faith. 

angel number 222 alignment


333: A symbol of support, 333 means your angels are here to guide you in life. Wearing this number indicates you are on the right path.

444: A symbol of protection. Wearing this angel number allows you to embrace everything in your life by trusting the way things are unfolding for you.

444 angel number manifestation necklace


555: An opportunity for growth, 555 is a major advocate for change. 

666: A symbol for reflection. Wearing 666 encourages your thoughts to be connected with spirituality and is vital for attracting abundance into your life.

777: A sign from angels that luck is on your side! Wear 777 for some good luck. 

444 choker thick chain necklace


888: A symbol for balance and financial abundance. Wear this angel number to ensure you are aligned with the vibration of wealth. 

888 angel number necklace silver


999: Wear 999 to let go of what is no longer serving you. Release negative energy and focus on the positives in your life. 

Choose from PRYA’s angel number chokers, necklaces and anklets. Each is customisable in 18k gold plating or silver. Choose which angel number resonates with your energy and vibration. 

Browse our Angel Number collection here.

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